Rubble crusher hire

We have many tons of rubble (brick, stone, concrete) from renovation work and taking huge concrete troughs out of the barn/outhouses.
In the UK you can hire portable concrete/stone crushers from the likes of HSS HIRE, does anyone know if you can do the same in France, I was thinking of putting it to use as path bottoming, it seems a waste to do like our neighboring farmer said to do and bury it.

OH used to get local farmers to come and get rubble from renovations he did as they make useful bases for entrances to fields which get very boggy from tractors in the winter months. We never had any left! You could put a notice(s) locally and ask if anyone wants gravats for harcore use. Otherwise try Loxam or Brémat if they are in your region, they are hire companies for the heavier building trades.

I’ll try Loxam or Brémat and see, thanks.

If it’s only for a path - you can get away with chunky rubble as a base. Ideally a bit of hardcore to fill the gaps - but Wacker plate the lot and you get a decent base.

Brick size and up - sledgehammer bigger bits. Works fine in general -

The problem being the bulk of it is 16-17th century lime, ash and whinstone Roman type concrete, not our soft rubbish, also most of the brick is refractory brick from chimneys out of the 16th century castle that they used for infill, a Kango construction breaker struggled with it as did I :laughing:
A sledgehammer isn’t going to work as most of the bits are big and very heavy, there must be between 5 & 8 ton of it.