Rugby in Toulouse - Toulouse Olympique XIII v Halifax RLFC - 08.07.17

:gb: Ladies & Gentlemen ! :gb:

:rugby_football: Saturday 8th of July, Toulouse Olympique XIII hosts Halifax RLFC in Championship (round 21th) in Stade Ernest-Argelès in Blagnac. Kick off : 6.30pm.

After a succession of three defeats (1 home, 2 away) and a place in a TOP4 definitively no longer assured, the Olympians have to pull themselves together toward the clash at home against Halifax RLFC, their pursuer on the table, this Saturday.

The “Blues and Whites” will need the support of ALL THE INHABITANTS OF TOULOUSE to face Halifax and stay in the TOP4. The future of the Olympians is at stake. Come in droves for this match that already looks promising ! :wink:

What TOXIII is ?
:rugby_football: We are the TOULOUSE OLYMPIQUE RUGBY XIII. The professional rugby club XIII of the city of Toulouse. We have a huge background and records in France. Nowaydays we are performing in a english championship known as Kingstone Press Championship. The next level is the famous and talented Super League championship known as a reference in the Rugby XIII World :rugby_football:

For further information, you can find us on :
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Facebook = Toulouse Olympique XIII - Officiel
Twitter = Toulouse Olympique
Instagram = toulouseolympiquerugby

Hope seeing you soon at the stadium :wink:

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It is a pity this site isn’t used a bit more

It is well frequented by the Catalans (on their board). Unless the RFL make some drastic changes it will be Championship rugby for Toulouse every season.

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Are you a fan David ?

What is the real identity of ’ Théo Arnauné ’ ? Come on, reveal yourself !

Having lost to Dewsbury last weekend, TO need to win at Oldham and then beat Halifax at home to qualify for the top 4. Injuries have ravaged the squad so the top 4 is looking less likely now.

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Sorry for the delay, yes I am a fan but not a fan of Toulouse. Leigh is my team for league. I have no association with Toulouse RL. I did play for Leigh and Great Britain a few decades ago.

Hi David,
Leigh struggling this season which was inevitable I suppose but I can’t see any Championship side good enough to replace them in the SL next season.
Toulouse are shot as confidence has gone. They will learn from this season hopefully and come back stronger next time around.

Peter up until Friday night when we were thrashed by Warrington I thought we might have a chance of survival in the relegation 8s but the worst performance of the season doesn’t bode too well for the next few games. I think it it will be Hull KR replacing Leigh or with a lot of luck we’ll escape and Widnes will drop down. Things are a little heated on the fans forum

Yeah, they’re an excitable lot at the LSV ! I still reckon they are stronger than HKR though losing Ridyard was tough and Acton, who should be kicked out of the game for what he did (IMO) is a loss too. I’m surprised Rowley left to go to the Canadians, I suppose the money must have been too good to refuse !
At the press conference after Fax coach Richard Marshall dedicated the win against TO13 to Adam Cooper from Culcheth, a club he has personal connections with.

Leigh have already been beaten by HKR this season in the Challenge Cup so it will be interesting to see what happens. The Rowley issue is complicated, a lot of things happened behind the scenes, his father Alan was a major influence at the club and I think he was the CEO before he too left.

And I would imagine Mr Beaumont isn’t the easiest person to work for…
Catalans, like TO13 are in freefall and I fear for them. Interesting debate on the totalrl forum entitled ‘Two French clubs in the Championship’. A lot of problems at the Cats behind the scenes over the past year and Macnamara has a tough job. I can’t believe some of the stories coming out from Perpignan, I would hope professional sportmen would have more respect for their bodies or am I being too naiive ?