Rugby world cup 🏉

I find it strange especially at a stadium like the Velodrome, which is used to capacity crowds.

I had a similar experience at Stade de france a few years ago, got in just as the kickoff whistle went, despite queuing for 90 minutes outside

Looks like World Rugby has got involved
Rugby World Cup 2023: Crowd ‘chaos’ before England beat Argentina in Marseille investigated Rugby World Cup 2023: Crowd 'chaos' before England beat Argentina in Marseille investigated - BBC Sport

My dear old dad, who was born within walking distance of Cardiff Arms Park, had got tix for Wales v ? [30 years ago - can’t remember ‘?’]

We set off from Glastonbury up the M5, making good time. Got to the blasted bridge where there was an almighty bouchon - SNAFU.

By the time we got to the apron before the toll booths I told him, “If we continue we will arrive at final whistle. If we go home we will see the 2nd half on TV”

In those days there was no barrier at the tolls preventing turning about face to get onto M4 eastbound > M5 southbound, so we went home.

Our usual, in my 25 years in London, was ENG v FRA at Twicks. One year my mum dropped my dad off at the station at Darlington [He finished his Royal Sigs career at Catterick].

He soon realised he’d left the tix at home. Royal Sigs is the Army’s communications regiment, so he went to communicate this disaster to the ‘guard’ [rememeber them?] .

The guard, enterprising chap, realising the extent of this crisis, threw a note onto the platform of one of the stations - probably Northallerton, the first station after Darlington -as the train, first stop York, raced thru’.

This note was picked up off the platform, a message was relayed to my mum, now back home in Richmond. She raced back to Darl’ton with the tix. They were put on the next King’s X train, Red Star.

This was relayed back to the train somehow, perhaps when the train stopped at York. The guard told my dad that we should go to the Red Star office to wait for the following train to reach King’s Cross.

And so we did. The tix arrived. We went off to my place, spruced up and shashayed out for a curry at The Shalimar, Gloucster Rd SW, looking fwd to ENG giving the FRA a good seeing-too next day.

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I love the Uruguayans captain’s bandage. Cool.

The turf is rubbish, just like a carpet.

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Not the best performance by France, but they got the job done. Shame about the bonus point, hopefully it’ll be irrelevant. What was the final try disallowed for?

That’s what I like about rugby, nothing is totally predictable. Uruguay did a great job :slightly_smiling_face:

He kicked the ball out of the ruck (I think). It was a bit harsh IMHO.

Ah, thanks.

Yes kicking the ball out of the ruck.
France didn’t play their first team tonight, very disjointed gave away tooo many penalties and didn’t fair well in the scrum probably see the same sort of line up against Namibia but more of a first choice line up for Italy.

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The Wales Vs Portugal result was to be expected but I was surprised to see Fiji beat Australia… that’s certainly made Pool C very interesting.

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Surprised not the words I’m using :see_no_evil: :roll_eyes: :sob:

I was certainly cheering on Fiji


Ha, yes, I can imagine.

The Wales Vs Australia game next Sunday looks like it is going to be decisive.

It could all come down to who’s got the most Bonus Points :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I was thinking perhaps a draw would’ve been better for Wales.

Very much looking forward to the SA Ireland showdown next Sat - should be a cracker!

After the Fiji upset, just wondering if we see another with Japan :thinking:

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Japan were very rusty, not so much game time recently but put up a brave fight against an underperforming England team ( apart from the last 20 minutes )

I thought Japan were going to cause another upset. The score certainly didn’t reflect the game imo.England looking a little lacklustre compared to the stronger contenders, so can’t see them progressing too far, but who knows, strange things do happen in these competitions :grin:


Possibly the match of the tournament. Finesse against brute force.

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After réfléchi’ng a bit I said to dh in the first 1/4 how it was a bit boring compared to the Oz / Georgia game. There didn’t srrm to be the same energy. The Fijians also did an amazing job blocking movement up the field. The stats they put p during the game, wgen from early on showed that as well. I’m not very sport watching, years watching ‘our boys’ at school in the snow on Saturday play rugby, or all bloody day in the heat for cricket probably did it for me! Saying that I’m enjoying watching the Oz and France matches (all I’m doing!!) :rofl:

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