Rules & Regulations on SFN

As you may know, over the last few months we have had numerous debates on the subject of financing SFN. When we launched the site, we had no idea that it would become so successful so quickly and to keep it going, we need the network to pay its way.

We have had a lot of very generous donations in - thank you very much to those who have already donated- and it seems clear that the way forward, whilst keeping the site free to use for the majority of members, is to maximise advertising revenue. We’ve noticed a lot of commercial transactions being made via SFN over the last few months and this is fantastic for those involved but it doesn’t help us fund the site.

So we are making some changes…

From the 9th of October 2011 we will no longer allow commercial self-promotion. Anyone wishing to plug their business can do so via our very reasonably priced advertising packages.

You are still quite free to post links to businesses or services with which you have no commercial connection. So if, for example, someone asks about a hairdresser in Bordeaux and you can recommend one, please feel free to do so.

Obviously this new policy doesn’t apply to charities, projects and personal blogs and I’m sure there will be some ‘grey areas’ where we will be using our discretion, so bear with us!

And we will give everyone time to get used to the new policy. If you have any questions, please ask James or I. Thanks!

James, then you would miss out on the great offers from our advertisers!

Not before time.

Yep, had to be done!

Totally agree

Hello !

I have thought for a long time that SFN were losing out: they provided a wonderful service, free, whereas they could actually benefit from people wanting to further their business. Originally this was done at the expense of the magnamity of the founders of SFN ! & many ( including me) jumped on the band wagon. But if we, as businesses were totally honest, we were promoting ourselves without thought for the expertise being provided ! I agree that there should be a dividing line between people who wish to use this site as a social contact site (a very important link, not to be forgotten) and the more commercial aspect, where we, as businesses, benefit.

I think that James & Catharine are right in taking this decision.

I,for one from now on, will feel far more comfortable using the site for advertising knowing I have contributed. I don't have to couch it in "discussion mode"

People will still criticise, I know ! But I can continue with impunity, knowing that what I'm doing is right for me AND paid for !!

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

totally agree with you. I think nearly all websites charge for advertising, so go ahead and good luck 1

Totally behind you on this one!

Your time is as valuable as everyone else’s. You should be rewarded for it. I think this is eminently reasonable and there should be no reason for complaint. We all benefit from SFN, so more power to your elbow!