Run down houses in popular villages

In the village in which I live there are several houses either in or just off the village square that are either run down or appear to be abandoned. but still structurally ‘redeemable.’ Boarded up they can become an eyesore in an otherwise pretty village.

In one case I hear of it appears the owner can’t be traced and no tax habitation / fonciere has been paid for many years.

is there no a process for a Mairie to acquire such houses and auction them off to recover any outstanding taxes?

An opening bid of say 1 Euros and with a bob

/eurio or and f? Perhaps at an auction starting at 1Euro but with conditions of sale that require the

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Hi Alec,
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In case you are still wondering about this - Yes of course there is an established legal process. It’s an issue that gets raised at government level from time to time. There is recognition that the process is not ideal but under current French law it can’t be dealt with quite as simply as you suggest. Welcome to France.

Interesting. You are very well informed.

I expect the Mairies have enough work to do / limited resources as it is without tracking down 30 year since deceased homeowners or the disinterested heirs of less recently deceased ones.

Pity because I imagine there could be an economic and public safety case made for the compulsory purchase of some viable renovation opportunities with some positive return to the communities

As you suggest, Alec, it is not easy. If the Mairie purchases a property there are tremendous restrictions/pressures which come into play. The property has to be brought up to current normes - which can run into 6 figures and much, much more.

Few Mairies have the necessaryresources - even allowing for grants which may be available to ease the pain. :roll_eyes: