Ryan Air - change to the admin fee

I've had an email from the financial services company that runs the Ryan Air Cash Passport card to say that as of 1 December 2012, the £6 admin fee on all Ryan Air flights will no longer be free using this card. I have posted the whole content of the email below, which sounds like baloney to me. Has anyone else heard about this?

"It is with regret that we write to inform you that, as a result of decisions by the UK Office of Fair Trading, Ryanair Cash Passport card users will no longer benefit from avoiding the £6 admin fee for transactions made on Ryanair.com from 1st December 2012. While we are disappointed at this development, Ryanair is obliged to honour the decisions of the UK Office of Fair Trading."

Think O'Leary has pulled another fast one somehow...

That's really interesting. But the Ryan Air Cash Passport is a pre-paid Credit Card, not a Debit Card, so most of the rules shouldn't apply to this. Also, I thought that RA were only allowed to call something an optional fee, if there was at least 1 method of not paying it? Once the RA card attracts a booking fee, I don't think there is any method left which is free, unless RA introduce something new, yet again.

OFT doc


I just bought this card a couple of weeks ago and used it for the first time this week. Nothing of this has reached me. Hope it's not true!

There is nothing on their press releases. One would expect it to be there if they are informing card users.

Thanks Clare! x