Ryan O'Neal dies at 82

Off to join with Farrah Fawcett again. RIP :worried:
It just seems to be one celebrity after another just now.
Ryan O’Neal: Oscar-nominated actor dead at 82

That’s because we’re all getting older and ‘know’ the people who are dropping off the twig. I wonder if too, we remember some people only as young, instead of aging like us, and then it is a sad surprise when we hear news like this?

My asociation with him is a disappointment unfortunately, not his or anybody else’s fault, but I saw the TV version of Paper Moon long before I saw his film version with his daughter I think. IMO that version was nowhere near as good as that young actress who was in Chicago (forgot name :roll_eyes:) playing the daughter and an actor who I have never remembered and never seen again, playing the Dad.

Funny how associations linger when details disappear with age.

Google is my friend, Jodie Foster and Christopher Connelly. :wink:

Was it this David?

That’s the one Sue, and I thought it was so good by both stars that I was really disappointed when they didn’t get the film gig. So that, unfairly perhaps, affected my memories of Ryan O’Neal whenever I hear his name today. I saw Love Story, but don’t remember his part at all, but then I was diverted by his co-star I think, Ali McGraw because I had seen her in a cult movie with a silly plotline but nevertheless struck a chord with my mates and I, Convoy.

See what I mean about associations in memory? :grinning:

To me, O’Neal was forever young, so today’s news is a real shock.


I do have to agree with David regarding getting older and reading about the death of people who at some point on our journey forward made an impact on our thoughts, actions and our life choices; some more than others. One of which was Cher’s “Do you believe in life after love” song. After it came out, I made a huge decison to walk away from my partner of thirteen years, the house we had built and a good paying job, and start all over. Ways back at the beginning of 2001, I sold everything off, packed up six boxes of stuff and moved to London from NZ; and never looked back. We moved to the SoF in 2015, started the renovation process to set up a guest house (which was finally completed in March this year!) and are now looking at what the next phase of our lives are going to be. Not dead yet, as the sayin goes :slight_smile: