Ryanair Flights to Bergerac

I am trying to get flights for a friend to visit us flying from Stansted to Bergerac. I was under the impression that it was a year round service but all dates I put in for Jan/Feb come up saying there is no availability. Either the site is not working, they are very full, which seems unlikely at this time of year, or they are not releasing the flights yet. However, its only the 1st Feb. until the 5th Feb we are trying to book, so I would have thought flights would be available by now. Any ideas?

We have given up and she is coming in May/June, when the weather will be so much better anyway. Thanks for the help.

Luton Bordeaux Easy Jet?

Thankyou. That explains it! Might put the friend off until May/June. She lives in Cambridge, so Heathrow and Gatwick are too far a treck for a few days.

DON’T forget, if you use Bergerac Airport to reach the Dordogne region then it is closed for three months from Monday, 9 January 2012.

Runway work is to take place with the closure set to last until 23 March, however, if you do need to reach the region then CityJet are to offer two flights a week between Brive Airport - Vallée de la Dordogne and London City Airport.

The flights operate Friday and Sunday, with the first one taking off on 6 January and running through until 23 March.

Flight times:
London City Airport to Brive Airport
Friday: 11:45 - 14:20
Sunday: 16:55 - 19:30

Brive Airport to London City Airport
Friday: 15:00 - 15:35
Sunday: 20:00 - 20:35

Correct the airport closes next week for 3 months, depending on where you live it would either be Toulouse and a new 3 month only service to cover the closure from London City airport to Brive.
But that is not with Ryan air, you could google Brive airport to see the operator.

The airport is closed due to work taking place on the runway...I believe

Re opens late March apparently.