RYANAIR - if they withdrew services from your area, how would it affect you?

There have been a number of success stories to come out of Ireland over the years but I don't know which one makes me grimace more these days, Ryanair or Jedward! However, while the ubiquitous twins may eventually grow up, lose their toilet-brush inspired hair-do, and disappear from sight, it bothers me that Ryanair may also disappear. Love them or loath them, Ryanair have opened up the airways and made it possible for many of us to consider relocating to France. Rumours have circulated for some time now that they are threatening to withdraw from several regional airports, including Carcassonne, which would give many of us here in the Languedoc a severe logistical headache. There is precedent for believing they may carry out this threat - they have already moved flights, I believe, from Pau to Lourdes/Tarbes. They are the only airline to fly into Carcassonne, so the withdrawal would have a devasting effect on the airport, which has recently given the managing contract to Veolia, who has been promising a major overhaul (much needed).

How seriously would you be affected if Ryanair withdraw from your regional airport? We currently market our fledgling business not only on the skills we both have to offer but which also includes our proximity to Carcassonne (formerly "Salvaza") Airport, i.e., only 45 minutes and with daily flights in the summer. If they withdraw their services, we are looking at Toulouse (using State or Flag carrier airlines so more expensive and 2 hours away) or Perpignan, also 1.5 to 2 hours away.

Easy Jet fly to Toulouse all year round from Gatwick far cheaper than BA. Personally I'd rather fly into Toulouse in bad weather than Carcassonne.

The situation of the aircraft involved was clearly explained in the Irish "Independent". No pilot would signal a Mayday just to jump the queue for commercial reasons. If he did then the pilot in the second seat would feel obliged to make a confidential report on the matter. If there's 30 minutes of fuel available on landing that means there is around 200 nautical miles of flying left. Aircraft are required to have that margin on landing. Carrying more fuel than is needed is wasteful as you have to get it off the ground as well as the fuel needed. Landing overweight also puts additional strain on the aircraft which is to be avoided.

clearly some people have a problem with Ryanair....guess we all have our pet hates...for me EDF and FT!

I sort of thought that Carol. I’m not sure I understand why Europe’s most successful airline is being associated with people who are generally believed not to make a totally positive contribution to society.

E&OE - on iPad…

Pikey usually refers to gypsy

I would trust O’Leary before I would trust Spanish ATC.

What do you mean by “pikey” BTW?

The reason I put this up is not to exacerbate any disagreements, but to add to what was said yesterday and indeed had been reported more than once in July and August by other newspapers in regard to other 'incidents'. I am trying to raise the issue where it belongs relative to the original question. If there is any kind of question raised and substance is given to it, then a knock on effect could be the outcome. In that event it would be possible that in terms of the original question, Ryanair would then have operating licences withdrawn and what would the affect be on people? Thus, I asked hypothetically whether this is good news (for people who use them)?

As to whether they would be shut down, fined or just receive a wagged finger, that is another issue altogether. I added the news item for information and it is a long way down the line before there will be any conclusion anyway and Spain would be shooting itself in the foot if the biggest carrier in its airspace was to be more than severely chastised if it is proven they have done anything wrong.

This is not related but ...

If you arrive past check in time can you expect the plane

to wait for you?

Oh No...

And then send in a complaint...AND try to claim on the


People do.

Cheeky people do.

If they are shut down, or heavily fined, it could very well mean services to certain areas will be disrupted.

Also, I thought this was a discussion, not a lesson,or debate.

Not sure it relates to the original question: "Ryanair - if they withdrew services in your area how would it affect you?

this sort of thing needs to be investigated. if you called the emergency services with a phoney problem, you would be investigated. That is what they're doing, declaring mayday should not be routine procedure.

reading the comments on the link, and "pikey airways"... best laugh I've had all week.

Hohum: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/spain-ireland-investigate-ryanair-flight-diversion-163521876--finance.html

Is this good news?

spot on.

Nice one, John.

I think this is all rather silly now, some like Ryanair some don’t some have had no problems always on time some have had tail strikes, bird strike, lightning strikes, Grannies had to pay for oxygen if you read the print small or otherwise watch your luggage book in when required no one should have a problem other than an act of God, act of war or birds with a grudge as an ex RAF engineer no one will convince me any civil airline based in the uk would knowingly or wilfully put a plane in the air with a fault dont care what you read on t'internet most of its written by trolls idiots or windup merchants, many years ago a friend of mine and myself convinced a nurse who had booked a package deal that the planes were subject to engine failures unfortunatly she cancelled her holiday and lost her money we did the decent thing and reimbursed her in full with 5* meals for weeks after we felt that guilty she admitted she had a better time than going on holiday alone with a bonus she married my friend

Take care, people. There's an awful lot of accusations flying about concerning Ryanair. Hope you're all able and prepared to back them up should Mr O'Leary take legal umbrage.

same happens to all threads... until someone takes them down, lol. I'm merely responding to repetition, with repetition. As with the lidl post, some folks just seem like they are fighting for a "cause" with these things. I can't imagine being that passionate about another person's company. lol.

you are right though.and on my day off... shame on me.

I am off to attend the shenanigans... I shall return presently.

Zoe, probably safer to stick with the Lidl post before this one spirals down into a crash landing. If you get my meaning!

Brian, I have the same concerns as you. i don't really care if they play a fanfare on arrival to gloat about their dictored digits, I also don't want to live with the guilt of getting a cheap flight at the expense of a grandmother who has to pay for the entire flight with her extra charge for bringing her oxygen machine on board.(has happened to a relative of mine)

I just want a flight that at least tries to be in the least bit professional. One that won't squawk distress signals because they need to make their deadline (in order to play the fanfare)

The rest of the to-ing and fro-ing here is of no interest to me. I won't fly with them, but if someone is ready to draw a sword on ryanair's behalf... and the only argument being "but it's cheap"... it's not my funeral.