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Hello can anyone point me in the right direction please, I seem to remember a discussion re cookies and Ryanair . The post was saying something along the lines of you can get cheaper flights using another/someone else's computer to book.

thanks in anticipation

Many thanks to all who have replied

I bought some return flights recently from Carcassonne to Stansted at the end of February. I checked for prices and when I returned to book both flights were a few euros cheaper. Think I saved about 12 euros in all. Just been back to the site (after reading this post) and the same flights are now 3 times the price I paid.

I guess the moral of this little story is book as early as possible although the price you pay seems to be fairly random no matter when you book.

Whatever, I get a trip to see my UK family for less than 100 euros which is just fine by me. I love Ryanair and I don't care about the haters.

The 'issue' described is not just confined to Ryanair.

Most airline reservation systems are programmed with complicated algorithms to 'respond' to customer demands, enquiries and booking patterns.

So.... essentially - the more 'in demand' seats are, or appear to be, the higher the price will rise. The more that available seats are 'ignored', the more the price will fall in order to attract business at that price point or during that travel period. In addition - prices available on different markets may also vary according to demand from or to that market.

Simple and very effective.

I don't remember that or missed it, but I am interested too, so thank you for raising it again.

I fly 5 or 6 times a year to UK. and check prices before booking, but I flew Ryanair Bordeaux Stansted recently for 12.99 euros booking on the French site, which was cheaper than the UK site. This was also well cheaper than the price on my Ryanair APP on my tablet. Just a case of having a good look around. The only thing I would advise is to avoid the bucket shop sites. Book direct with the airline. Same with hotels. I get much better prices booking direct rather than with Booking.com etc.

Just open up a Private Browser / window