Ryanair to cancel 400 flights as European pilots go on strike


(James Higginson) #1

(Mary Wolcott) #2

Very timely post; thanks. Not good news, but nonetheless of course, important to know about. Although, I do rather think it’s good to have the strikes. So much is forced on workers, in my opinion. What do you think?

(Timothy Cole) #3

The Ryanair business model relies on employee subservience, pilots are scarce at the moment so they’re in a strong position, interesting to see how this will pan out.

(Helen Wright) #4

Watching as I have family flying Ryanair from uk in September and October…one of my daughters is bringing her two little ones on their first ever flight and first ever holiday out of uk…she has booked an apartment for them (her…her partner and her two sons)…and my son who will be on the same flight will be staying with me…the first apartment she booked was cancelled and money refunded as a previous guest had trashed the place…hoping it works out ok…

(David Wren) #5

The only guaranteed loser will be the customers. Too often they are used as pawns.

(Barbara Deane) #6

Every buisness relies on happy, faithful employees. We really do not know the full story we just assume.
My clients, who just left had their flight cancelled from Bordeaux…flying Easy Jet and theother guests in their party were flying Ryanair from Bergerac.

(Timothy Cole) #7

What are we assuming, if you do some research on the net you’ll find dozens of articles regarding the way Ryanair treats their employees from pilots down to junior cabin crew, their industrial relations policy record is appalling as their customer service when things go wrong. I will continue to fly with them as they are cheap and go where I want to go but I’m under no illusion how they behave towards their staff.

(Barbara Deane) #8

the only way the truth comes out is when you speak to the staff face to face and ask relevant questions.
Every one expects many things from their job.
But what is realistic and what is desired by the employee is not always the same;

(Mat Davies) #9

Ryanair do always seem very prompt to cancel flights at the slightest excuse. Easyjet seem more determined to make the flight happen - they do also cancel them but less often and closer to the flight time.

(Barbara Deane) #10

It was three in the morning when my clients had their flight cancelled…a flight for latter that day.
This was with Easy Jet.

(Timothy Cole) #11

The headline sums up my take on Ryanair -

(Barbara Deane) #12

perhaps but the choice is there.
Use them or do not use them.

(Mandy Davies) #13

No choice where I am Barbara. Either I use Ryanair or I don’t fly anywhere.

(Barbara Deane) #14

Well let us hope that they stay in buisness ……I do.

(Mandy Davies) #15

Never had a problem with them thankfully. For shorter journeys, probably less than 3 hours, I think they are amazing value for money.

(stella wood) #16

Oooops… (thankfully, not mine…)

(Timothy Cole) #17

Have flights booked with them in a couple of weeks, will cause much unhappiness if they’re cancelled.