Ryanair to introduce customer service!

Since I last wrote about Ryanair (here: http://www.survivefrance.com/forum/topics/ryanair-if-they-withdrew-services-from-your-area-how-would-it), work has commenced on the airport at Carcassonne.

It also seems that they have been listening to their customers recently! Now that is a surprise. A recent announcement from the company says that they will be making some major changes, such as promising to be more flexible on cabin baggage and stop those annoying jingles and adverts during early morning and late evening flights. They have also promised to stop charging for correcting minor spelling mistakes and will lower the price for the re-issue of boarding cards from €70 to €15 BUT only for customers who have already checked-in on line. For those customers who did not check in on-line, the charge of €70 will continue to apply. Ryanair has also undertaken to cut baggage fees at both the bag drop desk and at the boarding gate.

Boss Michael O’Leary said: “We are actively listening and responding to our customers so that they can continue to expect low fares and on-time flights on Ryanair, but will now enjoy easier website access, 24 hour grace periods, a 2nd small carry-on bag, reduced airport bag fees and quiet flights.

“We hope that our passengers will enjoy these service improvements, while still enjoying Ryanair’s low fares and on-time flights.”

Changes are being rolled out from today and all changes should be completed within the next six months, including a major overhaul of their website.

If you have given up on Ryanair, will these promised alterations and improved customer services change YOUR mind?

That'll be a first!

They've just issued a profit warning. Young Michael would have been aware this was a possibility when he started this "be nice to customers" campaign some weeks ago. He's a very smart operator.

Morning all. Ryanair appear to be actually listening to the customer feedback.


Ryanair....not perfect...but perfectly adequate.

Glad that they fly to Bergearc and now Bordeaux

My OH and I have honestly never had a problem with Ryanair. Ive never had any of the staff be rude to me, never had a problem with stashing cabin bags, my daughter actually had a bag over 2 kilo's over at Bergerac airport and they weighed it and labelled it without comment...and sent it on its way. I do make sure my bag is right weight, I always print my boarding pass...and to date after around 200 Ryanair flights, no problem. Ive had more hassle with other airlines....including some of the more expensive ones....I was less than delighted when flying back from Dubai with Jet Airways, being asked by an airline attendant to look after the 5 year old boy they plonked next to me. The child was Indian and spoke no English...the plane was full of Indians and I am sure there would have been plenty of people who spoke the little fellows language....I was even scolded by an attendant as the child didnt eat all of his meal, and was asked to try harder and then he found the call bell and kept pressing it...and I got the blame for that too....! great when you are paying £650 for the ticket...give me Ryanair any day!

Have worked in the airline industry at the other end of the scale (Virgin ground staff) and hate flying RyanAir, however for various reason sometimes need to. They offer an excellent service at a very reasonable price so long as you play by the rules. The thing that really annoys me is the stress of actually booking, triple checking that you have crossed the 't's and dotted the 'i's, then paying to print out my own boarding pass - just include it in the price for goodness sake - it's a compulsory charge.

What puts me off flying with them most though is the impoliteness of the staff. Irrelevant of the price you have paid, politeness costs absolutely nothing and winds me off the clock. Mind you, travelling with two small children is stressful enough, how the hell you manage with three Suzanne beats me!

Elaine, I flew back from Dublin last Friday (25th) and yes there is a lot of work ongoing, but it is well organised. Departures has been slightly extended and works the same as usual, so allow the usual amount of time to get through security which is still very slow. Arrivals is being rebuilt. You leave airplane as normal and go to passport control as normal but then they route you back out and you are in a disused carpark.

BTW, on both outbound and return journeys, I never got to put my small backpack away in the overhead lugage compartment. Had to stash it under the seat.

It's been a lottery. OH and I have had good and bad experiences.

One trip to Stansted outward I had more in my hand baggage (all I had) than coming back, all weighed and within the weight limits. On the way back, presents left and nothing more than a paperback book bought, they pounced and insisted it was over weight. I kicked up a fuss and demanded a supervisor or somebody with authority to weigh it properly and was simply told that if I did not cooperate I would not be allowed on the flight. I had more than enough time and went to the airport authorities to complain and had a member of security escort me to the check in where he watched it weighed and asked them what the problem was since it was about a kilo under the limit. Ryanair woman looked sheepish and I went through, offering profuse thanks to security man. Had I been tight for time.

That, I suspect, is down to the pressure the check in people are under given the way they work at speed sometimes. However, how often does that happen. Airport management people told me they get several complaints from people with the same problem several times a week.

Other times, like OH a few weeks back, they let a few grammes over weight through both ways. On the other hand, some time back she only had a month left on her old passport which should be none of Ryanair's business. However for some reason or other they asked to see it and advised her she may not be allowed into the UK despite her returning three days later. When she asked passport control they said that it is not Ryanair staff's job to comment on passports which they are allowed to examine for ID purposes only.

You never know, is my feeling.

I wouldn't say it's that bad, no. OH is out with the dog right now, but I'll ask him. I can let you know how things go for him on Monday if it helps. :)

Yes Jennie, my mum commented on that when she flew back with me. At least when all the bits and pieces had to fit in a bag, the overhead bins became much more organised. 4-5 bags side by side and it is full. No stuffing needed. It’s when duty free and jackets and camera bags and handbags need to be stuffed in on top, it gets very messy!

I’m flying out of Carcassonne in a few weeks, is it very bad? Extra time needed do you think folks?

That's interesting, thank you for posting it.

My husband flies with Ryanair a lot because there are no other viable options. He accepts them for what they are, and at least they're normally punctual. I hope the changes work.

OH says Carcassonne airport is even more of a mess this week than last week, hopefully it will be finished before the main tourist season.

People on the last couple of flights from Stansted have had the extra bags with them and it's taking ages to get everyone's luggage stashed away because the overhead lockers are full to bursting. So far, it seems to be making life slower. :(

'Boss Michael O’Leary said: “We are actively listening and responding to our customers'

the first thing they need to do is implement a way of comunicating with them - other than the fax number the give out. Elaine is right though - play the game - expect the worst - double check every booking your are making and - so long as they don't compromise safety I can deal with their "service"


To be honest, I have played their game since the dawn of time.
I always expect the worst, so when they do smile or are nice, it’s a bonus.
The restrictions I’ve never had a problem with, I read the rules and play by them, so I save myself anger, sadness and frustration. But have witnessed pure disrespect for basic human rights on various flights, mostly the passengers own fault, but the staff could be more civil.
So my bug bear is the buying process online, constantly having to double check I haven’t inadvertently bought a bag, or travel ins or some other crap. The process is maddening, by the time I have paid, I need a lie down…
Heading to Dublin from Carcassonne in a few weeks, only for Ryanair I wouldn’t make this trip. 60 euro!

We've recently flown from Girona to Paphos for less than 450 euro for a family of 5 - I paid for the reserved seating in this too which meant we removed the hassle of trying to rush 3 nippers onto the plane before anyone else. We'd also paid 80 euro for our 15 kilo limit suitcases and we managed (mainly as we have a washing machine and sunshine to cope with the change of clothes needed for 5 of us for 2 weeks).

But an absolute bargain I reckon - used to cost over £1000 to fly out of UK with Easyjet/BA or CyprusAir. So we are officially now back on with Ryanair and I am happy to pay for the reserved seating as it makes our journey less hassle.

I did notice there were less jingles than before but to be honest with my 3 in tow...I can hardly hear them anyway!

For all those in the South of France - The Girona Ryanair to Paphos flight is a great way to get some extra Winter sun...3.5 hour flight and your choice of where to stay...loads of villas for rental in Cyprus now at bargain prices and great Tavernas who are more than welcoming serving amazing value Mezes.

As a result of this improvement in Ryanair - I've now booked flights from Carcassonne to Liverpool in Dec for a weekend to see my mum. Now I wouldn't have done that unless they'd made life easier. Well done Ryanair!