Many of you hate Ryan air but it takes us all over France from many spots in UK.

I read somewhere last night that Ryanair are 'pulling out' of UK.

What does this mean? Stopping flights from UK or ceasing to have offices there?

Ryanair simply know how to control the publicity machine at the lowest possible costs, i.e. turning an attempt to grow their business into a 'news' item. Remember when they were going to charge you to use the loo? Their business is to fly as many people as possible on as few planes as possible at the best possible profit margin.

Yes things will change as UK exits the EU, registered offices, legalities changing, traffic volumes etc. just like any other airline but as long as there's a euro to be made Michael O'Leary will be there to make it.

And why not!

He is providing a service.....and much of the time it runs smoothly.

I have never come across perfection.

I have never come across perfection

You have clearly never tasted a Pan galactic gargle blaster.

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But I have come across people who try to be clever.....was that a joke?

It probably was!