S.A.F.E.R. survey

Friends are buying property in France and paid €200 3 weeks ago to fast-track the SAFER surver. They've still not received it. I've just found out that you cannot fast-track since 1 March 2016, I cannot find verifacation of this anywhere, does anyone know a link to this statement so my friends can try and get their money back from the estate agent?

Probably not an immobilier but one of the hosts of agents trying to eke out an existence.

They paid €200 Peter, as they are still waiting for the SAFER report after three weeks then the fast-track has not been honoured. The estate agent said it would only be 10 days at the most. It was this same estate agent that told our other friends that the fast-track is no longer in use since 1 March.

I thought the cost was 300€ or does it depend on the cost of the property ?

If the request was made and paid before the 1st march then surely the agreement is binding ?