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A question I was asked at a recent Anglo meeting, the wife has a S1 form due to a disability exportable benefit, she has added her husband who is her carer and they have received the new S1 forms from the UK with her husband added, her S1 is already registered with CPAM and she has a Carte Vital.
Does she just send the received two forms to CPAM to register her husband, does he get his own Carte Vital or is he added to his wife’s and will he have his own account or will he be added on to hers.
I had no idea so said I would ask here.

That’s interesting. My OH also is in receipt of a disability exportable benefit (although DWP withdrew it illegally when we moved here and it took 4 years to get it reinstated :rage:). I can’t really call myself her carer, it’s just that there are several things she just can’t do because of injury and so I have to do them. I didn’t know that the exportable benefit would make here eligible for an S1 :thinking:

If you care for he because she is disabled you might also be due carers allowance.

Planning your healthcare - NHS.

As I said, I can’t really say that I ‘care’ for my OH, she would probably lamp me if I claimed that :laughing:.

I would still check the eligibility :wink:

Well, she does get one of the eligible exportable benefits, but I don’t fulfil one of the criteria for claiming.

She sends/takes the forms to CPAM - having taken multiple copies first. If he already has a Carte Vital it will be updated and he will have to do an update (mise à jour) at a pharmacy or anywhere else that has a terminal (borne).

He will be added to her Ameli account, and if he already has one of his own that might be suspended.

For somethings (like transport) he will have to provide her SS number as he will now just be a beneficiary.

Do the S1s have end dates on them? If so note this carefully and apply for new ones in good time.

He doesn’t have a Cart Vital already or an account as far as I know, I will have to check about end dates.

How is his healthcare covered? As if he is not already in PUMA then will be a few more steps to get sorted.

Hmmm… I took a look… eye-opening.

I spend my time looking after my OH… but I thought that was just part of married life… :wink: :wink: (I’m being flippant…)

Frankly I’m very glad neither of us is registered as disabled…

Private health insurance I think, as far as I know he hasn’t registered with a doctor over here or ever seen one apart from in the UK.

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And are they of State pension age? If not , and are relatively well off, then they should do a quick reflection on whether paying for private healthcare works out cheaper than joining the system and having to pay an annual cotisation if they are inactive.

They are not pension age, early 60’s though both retired and I wouldn’t say they are rolling in it, probably comfortable.

Person not in france insurance receives cover as a dependent of someone who is in receipt of cover from a foreign insurance scheme (the UK) ?

My guess - on submission of the form the person will be enrolled in the france insurance scheme and receive in due course an identifier number and card etc. The account will appear and be administered under the persons account they are a dependent of - (the wife?). I think @JaneJones confirmed this - post 6.

If further down the line, the dependent obtains or becomes entitled to a S1 in their own right they can set up their own Amelia account or will be required to do so.

I suspect there has been confusion on being issued a S1 as a dependent of someone entitled to it in their own right and claiming a benefit. Once resident in France and issued with a S1, any further claims are made to France?

E.g. as a holder of a S1 as a frontier worker I understand if I were to make an unemployment claim it would be made and processed in France.

So a claim to carers allowance for someone with a UK S1 resident in France would be a claim to be made in France?

Frontaliers are special.

I think since UK remains one’s competent state with retired S1 it may not work like that? Can one apply for a benefit that doesn’t exist in France? If you get one of the exportable benefits before you leave the UK then it continues, but once you’ve left?