S1 exemption on Social charges - no longer since Brexit?

Are you sure - there were a number of post about this issue I think belgium was mentioned and I’m sure someone posted they had a small french pension and a UK S1. I might be completely wrong though!

And you can’t have an S1 as your wife’s partner / family member?

I have no doubt that had I not disclosed my French pension to the S1 people when answering their question I would have past the test and got an S1 as perhaps some have done but in this case honestly is the best policy as it would surely come back to bite.

For the same reason of having a french pension.

Hope so as now made a RDV for next week at CPAM.

Yep, next move after visiting CPAM when hopefully in addition to sending the fisc a copy of S1 we will have a piece of paper from CPAM to give them.

All done, 5 copies taken and filed, I love tactile paperwork!

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When OH got his S1 (and I got one as beneficiary) all we had to do once the S1 had been copied and handed to CPAM was ‘mise à jour’ our cards in local pharmacy.

Our codes de gestion did change.

Once this is all in place send a message to impôts through your messagerie for a reclamation. But don’t hold your breath. We are still waiting several years and regular reminders later.

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Your wife may have to mettre à jour her card next time she uses it after CPAM have updated their records.
Apologies if someone has already said this, the posts are rather long for a elderly bear of little brain to take in!


A quick google of “uk healthcare s1 abroad rules” immediately brought up NHS healthcare abroad site confirming your position and my being completely wrong.

“If you receive both a pension from the country you now live in and your UK State Pension, you cannot get an S1 form. This is because the country you live in will be responsible for your healthcare.”

The next paragraph likely relates to what I had read re. IIRC the belgian mention, it was probably a poster with a UK pension and small belgian pension living in France. Apologies.

“If you receive your UK State Pension as well as a pension from an EU member state, but are now living in a different EU state, the country to which you paid contributions toward your pension for the longest period becomes responsible for your healthcare.”