S1 form for health care in france

So can someone give me a contact number or e mail address I can contact to get the S1 form to complete before we move over to France please ?

Google is your friend

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As far as I remember you can’t ask for it until you are resident in another country (and over state pension age of course). There is nothing to complete as such, they send it to you to your overseas address.

The document is called a legislation letter and can be obtained by calling the Overseas Healthcare Team in Newcastle on +44 191 218 1999 or emailing them at Overseas.Healthcare@dwp.gov.uk.

The other thing I can’t remember at all is whether they will provide it on day 1, or whether it is only after you have lived in France in a regular and stable fashion for 3 months. No doubt someone else will,


Awh thank you. Im not pensionable age for another 5 years

Welcome Beverly


Then you won’t get an S1 and will have to pay for your health cover yourself.

Either through joining the french health service which requires you to have an income above about 9,000 euros and pay about 8% a year of anay income you have over that figure. Plus you pay between 30 and 60% of all medical costs, or take out another insurance to cover them.

Or you will have to take out private health insurance. And you may have to do that anyway for first 3 months. In some places the authorities will want to see evidence that you have it before accepting you in to french health service. I wasn’t asked, but apparently some people are.

How do we apply for work permits please ?

If you are British you don’t currently need a work permit. When are you planning to move? It sounds as though you need to do a lot of research into the basics, starting with healthcare, employment, taxation, vehicle registration and what Brexit may mean to U.K. citizens resident in France. There is a huge amount of information here on SFN, it’s worth taking some time out to trawl through it and then, when your are confused by some of the opposing opinions, post specific questions to clarify things that you are not sure about.

Yes david. Got a lot to sort out. Already started to look at the utilities etc. Tv broadband. Water electric gas. Immobilier tells me shes hoping to get the compromis de vente by next week. So hopefully keys for property by xmas. Theres some work to be done becore we move in so hopefully by easter next year


Only thing I would add here is that you may also receive an S1 if you are below state retirement age and you are in receipt of an ‘exportable benefit’ .

Also, my experience was that I took my S1 straight away to the CPAM office, as that is what it instructs you to do. The staff were very helpful in Alençon

Good luck.

I know you can get certain benefits, i.e. money. But an S1? Really? Strange since they axed the early retirees S1 (E106) years ago.

There are several categories who are eligible to an S1, they are not exclusively for pensioners. Another group that they are issued to are workers who work and pay tax and NI in the UK who’s families live in the EU.

Yes, those I know of. But I had never heard that if you got (eg) ESA or other exportable benefits in the UK then you got an S1 if you moved to another EU country.

Thank you. I will certainly be looking very closely at whatever we need to do to have a smooth move over to France. So where are you located ?


Hi Jane, yes for example if you are in receipt of contribution based ESA and are in the support group, then you can get an S1 via the overseas healthcare team in the North East.
It is strange especially in view of the changes a few years ago.

I don’t wish to rain on your parade, but if you aren’t planning to actually move until Easter next year you need to keep an eye on the requirements post-Brexit. Which is not to say that it should upset your move at all, but it might make thing a little bit more complicated as you will no longer have the automatic right of freedom of movement. So there may well be new administrative hoops to jump though to set yourself up legally in France, but no one is likely to be able to say what they are for some time.

So rather than the TV, I would suggest you get things like a french bank account sorted while you are still an European. And make sure your paperwork is in order proving you have enough money to support yourself as that is likely to be more important.


Blimey! What a benefit! But presumably only while the ESA is provided, so max a year?

Thank you for telling me, it’s good to learn new things.

We already have opened a french bank account back in july when we first came over to look for a property. I will look on here to find out more about the taxation system, health service/dentist etc. also how to register with the local council etc Thanks for your info.