S1. Irish passport holder & Holder

Hi all
Please bear with me and be kind.

I have searched topics and can not find relevant answer. Plus rather confused about S1 and still needing PHI.

Finally arrived in France just over a week ago. I have not yet managed to sort PHI, rapid sale in Spain and had to be all sorted , packed and out in a month…Find a rental here in France accepting 4 dogs , then sadly one had to be pts two days before travel.

Anyway rdv for me for cds but with Limoges prefecture so first appointment. 01/12/23.
Question 1 . I have all paperwork to submit S1 but as OH does not need a cds do i put a covering letter ?
I am going to submit mine with his in same envelope ( bad idea? ) but again i understand they want a copy of your cds . Wondering if i send proof of RDV will they accept. ?

Question 2. I keep reading you can submit S1 immediately and no need for PHI. ( personally i will ) as i know you would only be reimbursed 70% . However just as point of interest

  1. Would you be reimbursed/ covered from date you submit it or from date registered. As Gov site says save Feuilles de Sons ( wrong spelling) and be reimbursed.

  2. If i manage to sort PHI and take out from today is that ok for application for CDS? Or will they say I should have had from day of entry to France.

Bearing in mind spouse of EU citizen i guess in reality we might only have decided to stay after a few weeks ? But then rdv made for cds :slight_smile:

Is the S1 from UK or Spain?

If it is Uk then phone them asap to get the ball rolling and you may well even have it by the time of your RDV at the préfecture. Worker’s S1s take a long time but retirement ones are quite quick normally. So not really understanding what your Q1 is about??

Once you have it then you spouse can piggy back on it, so no need for long term PHI.

Presumably your were both in Spain’s health system, so don’t you have the equivalent of a CEAM card from spain to tide you over? Although only supposed to be used for visiting other countries it at least gives you some cover in case of accidents. As in theory you should have health cover from the first day in France, and it can take a while for S1’s to be registered here and your account opened.

So there is a gap between theory and reality. In theory with an S1 you should be covered (and that’s an S1 in your hand not an envelope with your application in the post). And once you have an S1 your spouse can too. The reality is that it can take months to be fully affiliated with France) health system so for peace of mind PHI can be a good idea. That way you can be reimbursed straight away rather than arguing fir years over a €65 bill.

Or Ireland?

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Hi Jane

Sorry i was not clear. Yes we had the S1’s posted here to France and i have them.
They are Uk S1.

Only reached retirement back end last year. Were in the Spanish system but no s. Registered so never bothered with the equivalent of the ehic.

My question is about registering them asap as everything i am reading says you need cds to register.

Bearing in mind that my appointment is not until December, i had hoped to register them first. Sure i have seen people said have done this.

More importantly husband has irish passport so no need to apply for a cds.

I didnt know if they realise automatically when they see irish passport or if i am better putting the relevant eu rule stating this , so his at least gets registered.

If this makes sense haha

If he he’s an Irish citizen and the UK is his competent state, that is he has a UK S1 he should just fire ahead while you work out what to do in your own case.

Update and more questions

So OH now has attestation de droits, finally managed Ameli account . However received another letter with a code but says cant be used for 6 weeks, assuming this is fir Mon Espace.

Question 1
However my query now is OH needs appointment to have new Blood tests for cholesterol and new prescription.

We are renting and will be here minimum another 4 months ( offer accepted oh house but next department,)
Approached large medical practice in nearest town but receptionist asked were we were living and when said renting asked cant register us ?

How on earth do we manage? I know can just book one anyway but then not refunded in full.

  1. How do i make an appointment, looked on Doctorlib but unsure if can make it clear not registered.

  2. Off subject a little, as in main post i submitted docs to CPAM same time as OH. Had a letter back asking for cds, so telephoned english helpline. They advised submit my confirmation i had applied. I did so and 12 days later another letter asking for cds.

I have read of people being approved with their reciprisse? Is this different to my confirmation de depot ? The Prefecture have not requested any other documents done online via Anef.
I do know someone went direct to prefecture with appointment and on submission of docs has a reciprisse. I didnt do appointment as when i read my conformation of appointment it stated
" If your dossier can be submitted online you will be turned away,"
Yet the person i know was obviously not. Anyway question is is she received reciprisse ( same spouse of EU,) and only difference is mine is online . Why no reciprisse or why will CPAM not accept it.

Thanks again to everyone who replies and helps make sense of the situation

Yes you can if they will accept you making an appointment. You will be reimbursed 30% of €26.50 rather than 70%. Doctolib tends to be awkward as when you try to book it commonly asks if you have already consulted that doctor, and if you say no it will not let you book.


  1. Complain to CPAM as this shouldn’t happen! You have a right to a MT as long as practice accepting patients, so my guess is that the practice doesn’t want temporary ones. In theory if you say you can’t find a MT you should be given an exemption, but not known of anyone achieving that.
  2. Try another practice and do not say you are renting just give an address.
  3. Use an online service like SOS médecin or Qare

Yes a confirmation of deposit just says that you handed something in. The récépissé confirms the dossier is complete and is being processed.

Never assume someone else’s situation is the same as yours or you will get stressed and anxious. There are so many reasons why people are treated differently - many completely legitimate - that you can’t judge without knowing every single detail.

In a similar situation, a helpful person at our Mairie contacted the local Medical centre and asked for an Emergency consultation for a “new arrival” in our commune… explaining the need for medication etc.

You might find your Mairie personnel are equally helpful.

How urgently is this medication required for your husband? Can the pharmacy help/advise??
EDIT: do you have your husband’s medical history/notes available…??

Hi Stella , not super urgent as he still has some statins. However tested yearly and due this month.

However he hast started chest infection, quite often gets them in winter and doesnt clear up without antibiotics.

I finally found the dtrs we want to use on Maiia lol but appointments only by phone and french not up to it. Guess need to go tomorrow and see if we can register.
If we do and can see dtr will it be reimbursed or only 30 percent as i guess registration can take while ?

Hi Jane

Thanks for replying , i understand not all cases the same

I am guessing its more as they saw someone in person all the documents were conformed as correct hence reciprisse.
As mine online i guess just confirmation submitted and until checked no confirmation complete. So waiting game :slight_smile:

I second that. Most pharmacie’s are very helpful, a lady in ours made several phone calls to question the legitimacy of a hospital charge for my wife, without being asked to do so. It took some time and effort on her part and resulted finally in a €400 reduction.

you might well have to pay upfront (from experience) and be given a form to complete and send to CPAM for reimbursement… as your OH is in the system but does not yet have his carte vitale…

On the otherhand, his Attestation might be accepted by whichever Doc you see… which means you will be charged the lower amount.

When talking and seeking an appointment… I would stress the need for treatment for his current illness… (plusBloodtest and statins if you can) …rather than insisting you want to “join the doc’s list”. Perhaps you can join… but treatment is more important I reckon…
best of luck

I posted a while back about how we got a prescription for much needed antibiotics within a few hours over the holiday period, not from our MT as neither she nore dentist were available. Yes we had to pay the higher cost but it was worth it!

The cost of a sector 1 consultation is standard, now €26.50, whether you are non-resident or resident and signed up to PUMA with an attestation. Only if the doctor has registered as one’s MT do you get the maximum reimbursement . Otherwise it will cost you more as less is repaid.

If the doctor is linked in completely then he does it instantly from his desk.

Jane and I seem to be talking about the same thing, merely by different routes :wink:

Your OH doesn’t yet have his Carte Vitale, he can present his Attestation proving his link to CPAM etc…

for the moment, if you’re prepared/ready to pay in full, each time, then there’ll be no nasty surprises if that’s what is asked for…
hopefully/possibly OH will only have to pay for the “patient’s % of the costs…” :crossed_fingers:

Not the case if out of your GPs department, my GP’s in Nanterre (92) my local Dr is in Burgundy (89) no additional cost and the remboursements are the same or have been up till now.

hoping all goes well, but in any case… I’d suggest looking into PHI of some sort (Mutuelle for OH perhaps) … I note you’ve talked about it… but not got there yet… :wink:

But you have one, so perhaps that is the trigger? No direct experience of having two GPs but I recall this was brought in to stop abuse of the system as people consulted many GP until they got the answer they wanted. So I didn’t think possible to escape the extra cost for second opinions, or third, or fourth?

Not really Stella.

You suggested that with his attestation he would be charged less than without it. That is not the case as everyone is charged the same here for a sector 1 consultation whether they are signed up to PUMA or not.

Yes, have had a MT since the system changed so could well be the trigger. Have only consulted others here or on holiday, no extra charges or problems with the mutuel. I’ve also changed my CPAM to Burgundy 89 from les Hautes de Seine 92 keeping the same MT.

Hi All

Many thanks for the responses. Yes he has a mutuelle but i dont know if they will still only pay the usual 30% not reimbursed by Cpam.
Yes will go and pay in full sadly both of us under the weather today. So probably go tomorrow.

Thanks again

Sorry yes we took out PHi mid October, just changed oh to mutuelle , i am still phi.