Saffron Picking

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #1

At this time of year it's great to see some of the more unusual harvests going on around us. Today was no exception. We went to our local cafe for a chocolat chaud or two, after our morning stroll (trying to kick start No2 into coming out on Halloween - not looking like it worked) and ended up helping out with the saffron harvest.

Every year a small association in our village harvests thousands of Saffron flowers to sell. Today's harvest was around 6300 flowers. Imagine from every single flower 3 strands of the luminous red saffron are extracted by hand & then dried in a dehumidifier.

It's fun getting involved in something like this & it was actually really relaxing too. Our little one was helping out by eating the flowers (they are edible, lovely in salad).

The other day some friends brought over a harvest of chestnuts & a jar of Creme de Marron they had prepared earlier in the week from last weeks harvest & they were telling us of the huge Cepes their daughter (5) had found after the rainfall. I said we need to train our little one to look for truffles, although I think we'd have the same problem as with pigs...she'd probably eat them!

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