Sailing, I am looking for a sailing boat that needs crew

I have quite a lot of sailing experience, three Fastnets Races and others, I am offering my services as a crew member, I am a navigator.

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Bonjour, je me présente, merci, au revoir.


Yes, a tad brutal for a first post.

Hello @starflight91 and welcome to the forum.

It might be useful all round, if you introduced yourself… with just a little more background/personal information…



Are you looking to sail as friends etc. or looking for a paid position in a team?

It’s a good while since I was a member of The Cruising Assoc but they had/have lists of skippers looking for crew and v.v. Whether that includes ex-UK I don’t know but I skippers often need crew to bring boats round to the Med and the reverse, or across to the Caribbean for the winter season. Or just needing another hand on board.

It’s around about now that The Atlantic Rally For Cruisers starts to head towards the start point - used to be Madeira - before heading west. My shipwright crewed transatlantic for a couple who then cruised the Windies.

I also had a Nicholson 36 up on the hard for, as the owner thought, just the fitting of the S.S.B. sintered plate antenna below the w/l. Long story but in the end he had to spend £kkks to make this thing fit to cross the Atlantic. Ostensibly, a really classy boat. Nicholoson had told him it was a demonstrator and had had an easy time. Turned out to have also been the corporate jollies boat and thrashed to death.

Over the course of a week or so 3-4 people turned up who had paid £500 each to crew the trip. One of them was a lively lass called Misty, daughter of an MP.

Eventually they cast off, dropped down the Tamar and headed for Madeira.

Months later I got a call from Misty. She told tales of ‘wife-beating’ and mayhem aboard this boat. All the paying crew jumped ship when they reached Madeira. I don’t think it passed scrutineering as fit. The refund cheques given them by the skipper all bounced, of course.

Misty was not to be denied her adventure. She found a berth on one of the rally boats and had a whale of a time in the Windies, starting with Antigua Week, sponsored by Mount Gay rum [my fave] when they arrived the other side and lots of good times around the islands.

More months later I got a sad call from the now ex- g/f of the skipper, wondering if I had any contacts for him. It turned out she had sold her house to fund the purchase of the boat … :scream:

There was no yottie equivalent of a pre-nup. :cry:

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