Salade Française


Today is a better day, no problems have yet arisen that's not to say they won't the day is young, Don't get me wrong it sounds like there is always something going wrong, John say's we don't haveproblems, we have challenges, I agree it does sound better, all in all our life here is very good and we would never contemplate returning to England at the moment.

I was reading a blog from a fellow blogger about diets of all things, perish the thought and thinking it will soon be summer and salad time, but it also made me realise that I only like salad if it includes fattening things like dressing, cheese, Potato salad etc:


Our neighbour says she eats salad three times a day and judging by the size of her that is all she eats, plain salad does nothing for me unless it is in a sandwich but I absolutely love vinaigrette the french way, we rarely buy dressing and always make our own and providing there is meat of some sort I can cope with the salad with just vinaigrette, here is how we make ours:- I never measure really.

In a jug put

  • Black pepper and a little sea salt.

  • dollop of Dijon mustard

  • 1 glove of garlic crushed - optional

  • 3 Tbsp White or Red wine vinegar

  • 6 Tbsp Olive oil of your choice - I am into Greek at the moment, it is nice and mild

Mix it lightly and it is ready to serve,

if you want it to be thicker just whisk and it will thicken or add a little mayo if you like it creamy, any that is left can be put into a jam jar and will keep in the fridge for days.

It is also very nice on french beans just out of the garden Yum

But doesn't this all taste much better when you are outside in the sun with a BBQ....

If you have a better or different vinaigrette let me know, I would love to try it and I will post it on here with your name..

  • The French seem to eat what they like and in large quantities but then walk it off afterwards

  • They eat late in the evening

  • And drink lots of wine

  • Have we been doing it wrong all this time?

Try it with sunflower oil, walnut mustard and a little walnut oil. No garlic!

It is quite thick, but some warm water just before you dress your salad revives it, also if it has split.

You've a pic of a bowl and a whisk, Roz. We just put everything in a screw top jar, and shake.