Sale of RH Drive Vehicle

Hi. Does anybody know of where one could sell (in France) a RH drive vehicle with French plates. It seems like a lot of bother to return it to the UK to sell.

How about trying leboncoin. I’ve known quite a few British folks who actually prefer to drive a RHD car in Europe, and know one who purchased a RHD on leboncoin.

There’s a Facebook group for right hand drive sales though there do seem to be a few fantasists on price.

If you can find a forum like the old AngloInfo that has a buy and sell classifieds section you will have no problem at all selling it,don,t know where you are located but you could try United in France forum or something like that.

It’s worth having a go on here too…SF has its own “for sale, wanted” category…

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Angloinfo is still going

Music to my ears, @Euro50.

I’ve just spent as much as it took to clear the ‘minor issues’ list on my CT, from a bulb gone on the rear number plate to new rear shocks and new front tyres. Some of the ‘minor issues’ were such that a couple of FR friends were v. surprised that the test was a pass in the first place.

It’s all been done on the basis of a sale or keep the car because it is, for a car, just the job. It’s a great help to hear that there is a market for RHD because I must buy its replacement before I sell it.

I must consult the oracle - Mark Rimmer - about importing the next vehicle.

An expensive business, post-Brexit, with around 30% to be paid in VAT and duty.

Sf’s erstwhile vehicle import expert, Mark Rimmer, who ‘did’ my car import [which actually spanned Brexit - application papers delayed pre-Brexit, processed post-Brexit - nothing to pay] advised me that a [commercial] vehicle 10+ y.o. was not subject to import duty.

In addition, commercial vehicles from a certain year [some years after the same for cars] had entries on the V5 at D2 with EU comformity codes which make the provision of CoC hard copies not necc. This was the case with my car.

I have just this min written to him to confirm this. I’ll update when I can confirm or otherwise. :crossed_fingers:


It certainly is in Manche and it is fairly active regarding British-geared sales of various sorts. However, I have a feeling it is regional and may not exist wherever @PeterE is :thinking:

Hi, I am near Limoges, in the Creuse

That’s interesting, presumably VAT would still apply?

I’ve recently moved from the Creuse, Angloinfo Limousin was active before we left.

Sounds like a good bet then @mark

This, @JohnH , was sent to Mark Rimmer when he was dealing with an import [not mine]
"Dear Sir,

Following our exchange of mails I inform you of the list of the documents to be provided to us within the framework of a removal in order to deliver you the 846 A and that you do not have to pay the customs duties and the VAT:

1) Vehicle document

- English vehicle registration document

-Vehicle purchase invoice

-Date of purchase of the vehicle

2) Personal document

-Identity card

-Proof of address less than 6 months old

3) documents to prove your move

-Certificate from the French town hall proving that you are a principal resident

-Certificate from the English town hall proving that you are no longer resident in the English town

-Proof that you own this vehicle more than 6 months before your move

- CERFA 10070 form to benefit from the customs exemption.

So I may have to have a vehicle knocking about on my ownership for 6+ months before bringing it over.

How “Certificate from the English town hall proving that you are no longer resident in the English town*” works for someone who has had no formal residency status at a UK Town Hall - last time I paid UK Co Tax or was on a UK Voter Reg was +/- 2012. I was reg res in ES from Jan 2015 - Nov 2020.

Also address <6 months. Whether moving from an EU coutry makes any difference, I don’t know. All to be discovered.

But bottom line is that the target price for the van I’m looking for is £3-£3.5k so some impot, probably on a sliding scale of value/age, is not going to be a deal breaker.

I suspect that’s for people who are moving over, bringing their vehicle with them and using the exemption for new arrivals in France.

An expensive business, post-Brexit, with around 30% to be paid in VAT and duty.

Not if you buy an electric car, which imho is the only sensible choice given where things are going. The cost to import my EV was virtually nothing.

@cogarch That sounds very interesting - I must admit I didn’t realize there were any special treatments for importing an electric car. Do you have any more details you could share, as it may not only be myself that’s interested?

I apologise that I may have confused the issue. VAT and duty is not payable on any car if you are moving permanently to France (as I was). On top of that my car was zero emissions and so the annual tax I had to pay when registering was zero – a saving that of course repeats every year as things stand.

As others may already have mentioned, Mark Rimmer is a mine of information, together with the private Facebook group REGISTERING VEHICLES IN FRANCE | Facebook.

Ah ok that now makes more sense. So no special treatment, simply taking advantage of importing your car when you moved, as I did - thanks for clarifying :+1:

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