Salmond! swimming upstream?

News that's hotter than a deep fried Mars Bar... Alex Salmond's referendum deal, as currently reported on the Beeb.

Contentious issues would include the spectre of voting kids, just a ploy to keep them oot the Offies?

I have a vested interest as I have a little Scot in me... ( that's the trouble with the Kilt ! ) My paternal Grandmother tiny Annie (Dolly ) Mackensie, was as braw as braw can be and Highland flung as good as any.

Bonnie Scotland. should she be an independent country?

Must rush....I'm off for a MacDonald's

what NO you couldn't or NO to the question? which I have to admit, I have now forgotted.

Piff, couldn't you have just given a straight YES-NO?

BTW your are the only Postman on SFN that amuses my wifelet. Chuckles galore, sad for me, cos she used to find ME funny...nowadays she just finds me ...well...funny

Soon she may just find me

Yo..Para Two...I'm flying Scotsman


'sokay..I'm up to line three

sh*t Brian can't you go back to your one liners?

Aw jings, ye're oot tae get me.

Until the French repealed the law in 1907, Scots had dual nationality of right. Scots-French, the Auld Alliance, lasted from 1173 until the present according to British historian Dr Siobhan Talbott of the University of Manchester who published the result of her research on this matter in 2012 and concluded that the Auld Alliance is actually unrevoked after all, despite claims that the Act of Union that was signed in 1707 annulled it. The ancient citizenship and trading privileges enjoyed by Scots in France are possibly intact today. Scots always saw our country as an independent nation after the Union of the Scottish and English monarchies in 1603 and the Union of parliaments in 1707and other European nations continued to regard them as that too. France refused to accept Westminster’s abrogation of the Scottish side of the Auld Alliance in 1906 after the Entente Cordiale between Britain and France. According to French law, a Scotsman born before 1907 still has the full rights and privileges of Franco-Scottish nationality. I doubt if there are many 105 year olds in Scotland, but if they are there I would willingly shake their French hands.

Scotland independent. I support the idea. I think it will not make it through the referendum and come to be because of the way the Latvianisation of Scotland has been pushed do high up the agenda. Westminster has forced an uncompromising 'Yes or No' referendum which will frighten people. Scotland is already the poverty and deprivation, well away from Westminster, bit of the UK. If they go for it, then great. For my part perhaps I shall follow Dr Talbott's lead and look for the unsevered links with France and be Dr Milne, the Scot, who revived the ancient friendship between two nations. Jongs, whit an idea man...