Salon de l'agriculture - 2020

Has anyone visited yet ??? I’d love to go… maybe next time…

I watched the opening ceremony on TV.
A young lad (about 11 or so) presented the president with a pair of scissors with which to cut the tape.
E.Macron cut off an extra piece and handed it to the lad as a keepsake.
Magic. I’ll bet he’ll treasurers that…


No different to the County shows in the UK just on a larger scale.

Can’t quite figure out what this contribution has added to the thread…

I would love to go, some local agricultural students went with their prize cow, but I am stuck here with an elderly dog who can’t be left and then I’m hopefully moving house.
I had my first heart attack at the Bath and West show in the UK, which wasted most of show day, but I still love agricultural events. Best atmosphere in the world.

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I thought this simple, easy-going subject might lighten the mood… :relaxed: but it is not (perhaps) to everyone’s taste… never mind.


It’s to my taste, and it is nice to have something like this to chat about.
Farming is a tough job in winter, trees down, bad weather and endless mud, the show is something that gets all agricultural people out of the gloom a bit and everyone gets to meet up, chat, take part, and enjoy a different place and atmosphere.


Nothing like a few girls showing off their udders to lighten the mood @swm :grin:

Aha, Graham plays ‘touch the udder’ down the cow shed.

What I know about farming would fit on a postage stamp but as Annajayne says, these shows have a great atmosphere - lots to see and do, even if you don’t understand half of what’s going on, and by the end of the day you feel you’ve had a terrific day out.
In the UK the prices put me off going very often, shows like the Great Yorkshire and the Royal Welsh you can’t get in for less than £20 and often nearer £30, but the Salon d’agriculture seems very reasonable at 15€.


Same as the showjumping at Pontivy, it’s Wembley standard but just 10 Euros per ticket or 15 for the weekend, absolutey awesome day out. And there’s parking!

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County shows are to the Salon de l’agriculture as school sports days are to the Olympics.

Nonsense, nonsense, your foolish francophilia is blinding you to the indubitable fact that the Little Burping (Norfolk) sugar-beet exhibition and hamster show is infinitely superior :grin:


It was a disaster when the sugar beet and hamster shows were held together on the same plot and some sugar beets escaped and decimated the hamsters.
Nothing to do with me though.


We spent a few days in Paris with two of our children and one day at the salon d’agriculture on Friday.It was my first visit (my husband had already been as an agricultural student). I would really recommend it. It shows some of the best aspects of France: the importance and pride of the different types of agriculture in France; the wonderful regionality of France in the enormous food/wine Hall where you could probably spend all day eating and drinking each region’s specialities (sometimes complete with traditional music and costumes); the ‘Outre mer’ section (ambiance fiesta); research companies for interesting facts (probably best visited before attacking aforementioned wine tasting and outre mer rum bars); and not forgetting, of course, the wonderful array and shows of the very well cared for farm animals, show horses, cats and dogs- there were even a few camels, miniature donkeys and other more exotic animals used in overseas agricultural practices. We did everything in a long day but didn’t spend much time wine/rum/food tasting. Unfortunately the last day (yesterday) was cancelled due to the coronavirus. A bit of advice–avoid Saturdays. We went on Friday which was busy but nothing compared to the queues we saw on Saturday at the entrance.

Hello Nicky and welcome to the forum.

Glad to hear your account of the Salon… :relaxed: :relaxed:

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