Salon de Vehicules Anciennes à Perigueux 2018

The Organisers are hoping to make a bit of a splash with the British contingent this year…so if you have a British Classic …and are interested… please contact me asap.

They should have had it later in the year, too much cleaning to be done on a show car when it’s chucking it down & bloody freezing! Daft idea…

It can chuck it down at any time of year. Two events that I took part in last year, one in early June and the other in mid September were in miserable conditions. The cleaning needed doing after the events, no problem.

The “show” cars arrived on the Thursday/Friday.

A glorious old Alvis (35/36) rolled up in the pouring rain… an entry for the British Stand.

The Organisers asked that the car be left untouched…unpolished… mud splashes and all…so that the Visitors could see that the car was “used” and not just for “show”. The owner (same age as the car) takes his lovely old car out in all weathers. He reckons that, at his age, every day is a gift and he makes the most of each and every one… :hugs:


My mother driving a 1931 Alvis 12/60 in 1949. I wish I owned it now.

I love the note, in my father’s handwriting on the back of the photo.


Fabulous… !! :heart_eyes:

I take it there is a hood in there, somewhere… against inclement weather ??

Although in my friend’s case the hood was the original… and dripped/leaked badly… :zipper_mouth_face:

When I took part in the 100 Populaires Contre Le Cancer, a spin off of the 500 Ferarris Contre Le Cancer, last year, it was raining so hard that the fabric roof on my faux cabriolet leaked like a sieve. It’s all part of the fun.

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Ha ha… we drove back from Le Mans one year… with a snapped hood-frame …

At the time, I did not thing that getting drenched was “part of the fun”… but, on looking back… I realise that it was… and it taught me to always carry spare black bin liners…