Salt Chlorinated Pools

Reading through some of the swimming pool threads last night I came across the statement that salt-chlorinated pools are for personal use only and not to be used in rental. Does anyone have a link to the relevant law or other information.


This is an old discussion about the same thing -

I’m also struggling to find the relevant law and by coincidence have just come back from a rental that has a ‘salt water’ pool so am keen to know whether it’s legal or not.

OK. Thanks for that Tim.

@Corona I’m sure you can help on this one… :thinking:

Yes I can but due to a massive windows update I cannot access the file on my PC. It may even be on and old drive.
For some slightly obscure reason there is no distinction in France between a full commercial pool for the use of hundreds and a small B&B or gite. As a salt chlorinator could not keep up with the chlorine demand of a large number of swimmers whereas a drum of chlorine can be pumped in quickly, salt chlorinators are not allowed. I will post later when I can find the documents which were from ARS now SANTE

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I’ve also seen articles where any pool used by the pubic has to have the water tested periodically and receive inspections by government officials which has never happened to any of the houses we look after.

Mmmm… possibly just the wording, but I am wondering if “pool used by the public” really means the Community/Council owned pools which do get tested/inspected and some get closed if results are naff.

What a minefield having a pool can be… phew, just as well we don’t have the space (nor room for a pony) :wink::thinking::thinking:

What about the Mercedes?

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Keeping up Appearances joke


Let’s see what John has to say but I do know that ‘gite complexes’ have to get the water tested and have government inspections several times a year.

for gîte complexes that certainly does make sense. IMO better to be rigorous that slaphappy… :thinking::hugs:

Thanks John.

Thanks all for your answers. Potentially I have an owner who has a salt pool who will fall foul because they rent out and I like to make him suffer! :grin: He is convinced that because he has spent thousands on installing the automatic salt chlorination and pH system his equipment is infallible and I obviously know nothing.


Sorry its been a long time but still having PC issues.
The general information explains that dosing pumps supply the chlorine but it doesn’t actually state in the document that chlorinators cannot be used, the inclination is that dosing pumps are mentioned, chlorinators are not. If some kind person could make an enquiry as I cannot find my original documents but hey it was 18 years ago!

Whilst the information contained in the document explains levels for sanitiser and pH, stabilser etc, as I said on another thread this type of information is not correct with the actual chemistry and has in many cases been proven wrong but many countries from the USA, Canada, Europe (Excluding Germany) France, UK and many more are still wrong. Germany has exclellent water quality in it’s swimming pools, probably the best in the world with Denmark not far behind from what I have read. I began developing pools and was pleased to see Denmark developing ideas along the same lines regarding low energy pools but I digress. The way I run pools can be demonstrated with fully peer reviewed documents being better than the advertised standards and that’s what matters.

If someone has time please explore these:
DECRET N°81-324 du 7 avril 1981 fixant les normes d’hygiène et de sécurité applicables aux piscines et aux baignades aménagées.
Arrêté du 7 avril 1981 fixant les dispositions administratives applicables aux piscines et aux baignades aménagées.
Arrêté du 7 avril 1981fixant les dispositions techniques applicables aux piscines.
Arrêté du 28 Septembre 1989 modifiant l’arrêté du 7 avril 1981 fixant les dispositions techniques applicables aux piscines.

Thanks. I will certainly look through the follow up items but not sure how soon I will get the chance. Roll on the end of the season!!