Salt level in swimming pools - help needed!

Hi All

I have a Desjoyeaux pool and I am trying to ascertain the correct salt level for the spring. Desjoyeaux recommend 4g per litre however I can only measure by parts per million which currently stands at around 2.48. Can anyone help in converting parts per million to grams per litre so that I can determine how much salt to put in the pool!

Suffice to say that Desjoyeaux customer service is basically non existent

Many thanks


Austyn, 4g/l is 4000ppm so you need to add some. You dont say the size but assuming 75m3 youll need about 80-90kg.

Desjoyaux customer dare you! Its the finest pool company in the world.

Hi John

Thanks for the prompt feed back- yes it is a 9.0 x 4.5 x 1.50 so around 60m3 - what would you suggest salt wise - 50kg's