Samantha Brick on the prowl again!

Health Warning ! Samanatha Brick (aka as la belle) has reappeared to day in the Daily Mail with another titillating aricle confirming she is more attractive th

Might they be referring to her eating habits, mouth open like Belle mixer?


Never heard of her before (just lookedher up), she’s obviously got hearing difficulties and one of those strange, flattering mirrors, what she hasn’t got is "it":wink:.
Shes apparently a french resident, any idea where?

Why did I fall for this? That’s two minutes of my life I’ll never get back! I must remember as I age that I am running out of 2 minutes and must resist the awful power of social media! :roll_eyes:


Likewise :roll_eyes:


State secret because of danger of civil unrest from jealous French bonne Femmes or suitors but, after due diligence, I can disclose, between us, she lives since about 2017 is isolated old house somewhere in the Lot with reclusive carpenter husband Pascal, her stepchildren and numerous dogs. .She gives the impression of , when not admiring her now natural make-up free beauty, to spend her days as a shepherdess or similar which is beginning to show,
What is particularly amusing is her very limited agenda limited to herself and that about each decade the same story (with the bonus she becomes even more desirable) appears… Then la Belle vanishes with no reported sightings , then regurgitated by someone she knows on the Daily Mail.
So you are lucky to have been around for such a momentous occasion . More to follow hopefully with photo in 2033

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Thanks for sparing me bothering to do so. :slight_smile:


She’s a close friend and a really lovely person to boot.

NB. Believing / reacting to what you read in the gutter press makes you look like an idiot. Just saying.


Am I allowed to reply without you being abusive to me or she could “defend” herself?

You can reply all you want.

For my scapbook and possibly future article on your pal are you able to supply any more up to date photos of her and the happy family ? and can you confirm that you retain your sense of humour living in the Lot for any length of time ?

I honestly wonder how some people get through the day when I read such obvious pearl clutching. Grown adults on what may be the least abusive site on the entire internet. I bet the folks on KiwiFarms and 4chan etc would laugh heartily at the idea that a site where the most abusive thing to happen is one old gift having a few too many glasses of sherry and letting their cretinous self spew out on to the keyboard is made to sound like some abusive hatesite by people who should probably go out and touch grass.


You just won the internet :joy::joy::joy:

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This is very mean. She may be a member on here.


I prefer dry Sherry. You seem to forget it was not me singing about my charms & beauty in a not very dignified way in the DM. It was the free decision made by your friend. Clearly she did not consult you before hand to seek your advice, but it is Samantha, who, once again put “herself out there” and must take the consequences good bad.
This is all very similar to the current saga over Vanessa Feltz in the DM now. She is the reincarnation of Samantha .Personally I never read the Daily Mail. MDR

Yet you seem to know a lot about her considering you dont read the DM (!!!). I read the article, so what the woman has balls to do what she does whether one agrees with her or not.

I have never fancied a women with balls, except that time in Bangkok. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I thought the British were known for their sense of Irony ? I did use the familiar French abbreviation of MDR (mort de Rire) at the end of my comment which seems to displease some.

You have been watching Crocodile Dundee to often. :rofl:

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Sorry but I didnt know what that meant.