Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New year for 2013.

I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice.

Is it possible to use a 2nd hand sky digibox (It is quite a few years old) and connected it to a satelit dish, bought here in France from Brico Depot and watch free satelit channels.

Is there anything I need to do.

I have been searching for Astra 2 and cannot find it. My digibox only seems to find Astra 1 and lock on, but cannot get any televison.

Hope someone can help me.

Thank you


Hi Donna

I went to '' and inputted our address again...

This is the screenshot of what we got... we pointed the dish in the direction of the green line (basically ;) then we got a signal after my other half tilted the dish to 27.8 degrees (there are markings on the arm of the sky dish to help and a bubble level to make sure its all straight)

Now we get BBC channels, ITV, Channels 4,5, Film 4, most of the news channels and a few others...

We dont get SKY 1, much to our daughters' disgust, or the living channels, discovery or movies, but we dont really want to watch as much as we did in the UK, its nice to be outside, weather permitting :/

So we are happy with being able to watch a bit of English TV now and again :)

Good Luck !

I hadn't tried but put in our details and the result they came up with ties in with our actual installation, easy to check as the "path" to the satellite is parallel to a wall.

Basically you are looking to point your dish 30° up (anti-clockwise) from due South.

Our local satellite guy only charges 20€ (in cash) to realign a dish if there is no installation involved.

Thank You Steve & Vanessa,

We do have a satelite finder which we have been using, we keep finding satelites no problem, but none of them are ever satelite Astra2x, and I just don't understand why. I am wondering if there could be a problem with the digibox, it is 2nd hand, but was my parents and was under the impression that it did work ok before.

I will try both sites though.

Thank you gor your help, it is good to know that it is possible to get the English Television.

Take care ok



Hi Donna

We set up our sky digibox, that we bbrought with us from the UK, and dish a couple of weeks ago with no problems. Try, you can enter your location and satellite you want to find. You will get a view of your house and the direction you need to point the dish for your signal. It is great, easy to use and gave us no problems at all. We now receive english channels, not all, i might add, but a good selection.

Best of luck!

Astra2x satellites are in a different position to Astra1x ones, you will need to move your dish slighly towards the North. This site tells you what satellites are where Setting the position by hand can work but it's fiddly, I would invest in a meter, Brico Depo should have them and they won't cost a fortune.