Satellite Broadband Provider Recommendatios

Hi all
We are finally moving out of our gite and into our permanent home on 20th June, our little girl’s 3rd birthday. I work from home and the wifi is extremely unstable here and will be worse in 33220 Saint-Avit-Saint-Nazaire as there is ADSLonly. So any recommendations for a satellite broadband provider would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Remember that there are two distinct components to your “unstable” Wi-Fi - the Wi-Fi itself and the broadband connection.

ADSL is not inherently “bad” and can give speeds up to 24Mbps - what does say is your estimated speed?

Apropos recent discussions satellite still seems to be a last resort - even if the packages have got better on paper.

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Did you take the time to look through this excellent thread on 4G?
The French Govt have been making great strides to get 4G (at least) to much of rural France where internet access is traditionally poor with financial incentives to boot.

I see the OP has ordered a 4G solution (mentioned in the Bouygues thread).
Fingers crossed that will solve the issue.