Satellite internet (again)

Yes, I know this is asked about regularly but it seems prices have recently come down, speeds gone up and download restrictions eased. So through Europasat you can get 30mb/s for €40 per month with a 50gb allowance (unrestricted downloads overnight) beyond which access will be slowed, rather than stopped. SkyDSL has 40mb/s for €35 per month.
So does anyone use these services / have any recommendations ?
I don’t have 4g access where I live and there are no upgrades from my current 1mb/s download speed in the forseeable future.

It depends on how you use the internet, Martin. If latency is not an issue (eg streaming movies etc) then satellite is fine, but for voip/gaming etc where latency is important then I found it was awful.

We have about 1.5 Megabits down and for skype and RD to servers in the US/UK/Far East it works remarkably well. Netflix works very well using our Xbox 360 (how do they do it?!) so Orange internet is still the best option for us.

Mind you I have a 4G router and antenna here which I plug in and look at imploringly every week or so…

Thanks for the response. I dont play games online. Would my existing phone service be voip if it’s part of my current Orange package ? If not I guess I’d keep a landline for the time being. It would really be for general internet use, downloading music and maybe TV if it’s easy to schedule things to download overnight. Even more so if I can set up a VPN easily.