Satellite/parabole installation etc - Help Please! (Dept 03)


sorry for the discussion path, but still a novice here......Can anyone guide me to a company that can supply/fit a satellite - parabole- to use for TV, Internet & telephone line? After many attempts it appears the phone line that was connected in my house was overhead, to re-install it despite having phone line 3 sockets & an internet box (though out of date) it will cost in the region of 2 000euros. We currently use SFRs dongle but once allowance used youre on like a dial up service so very slow. (Have had engineers,testing, etc which is how we got the Devis for 1945euros) Any help gratefully appreciated as skype is bad and work is zero! :D

Yay, well done. My only issues with Nordnet thus far (I've now had satellite internet with them for 3 months) :

- the miserly 15Gb / month data limit that they offer domestic customers - we have learnt to become really careful with our internet usage now, and to be honest it is a bit of a pain compared to the limitless offers you get via traditional DSL providers ;

- the latency issues which make online backups, OS upgrades and sometimes even watching YouTube videos a distinctly frustrating moment - forget VPN usage for remote working, might as well flog a dead horse, it would get you there quicker and wouldn't die in the process (dead parrot sketch anyone ?)

HI All

Update on my TV telephone & Internet

I visited a store in Gannat who gave me info re Nordnet, I am now online via satellite, have a functioning tv (just need a minor "tweek" to get uk channels) and with a clear working LAND LINE woohoo! but thanks to all your advice and guidance, it kept me going to that ribbon.

hi Alex,

this has been a saga for me for 2 years now and with grandchildren across the channel and second son getting married very soon, Ive become desperate :( Orange wanted 1945euros to dig a trench to lay telephone cable underground, that is without connection charge, telephone/internet or tv supply. Ive been into Gannat and a store there gave me Nordnet info. Just had sms to confirm no grant but can purchase KIT out right for 249E, but signed in for 2 years :( Didnt want to go that route but using a dongle that goes snail pace after allowance gone I cant think of another way forward. I hear about other people in more remote areas than me have satellite internet/tv/telephone so lets hope this is finally a positive outcome! My last hurdle, installation is not long winded and extortionate! :) Many thanks for the "heads up"

Does anyone know of or perhaps used Nordnet? Been given info from a store in Gannat 03. Thanks

Hi Mike, hope u had a good Christmas. Re the company Moulins/Montluçon, are they telephone/internet & tv or just TV? Only Co I’ve found so far is via the english written newspaper.

Fingers crossed for you..hope the engineer comes up trumps..good luck :-)

Hi thank you all for info We may finally be getting somewhere!

Hi Mike we are 03330 I think not far from you as I recognise Tronget. A friend has helped contact Orange (again) y’day & unbelievably an engineer comes tonight at 16h. Watch this space…

From my own experience here in the Livradois (63), some local "antennistes" refuse to work with Nordnet, because it "created too many problems" (and I quote), so finding a company to do the installation was not as easy as I had first thought. Seems that the antennae fitters get the grief for people's internet not working properly, when it is more likely to be the satellite transmissions provider, or at least a case of each blaming the other, and the customer being left in the lurch.

We have moved to a more remote area of 63, where DSL broadband service is, to put it mildly, slower than a combined channel ISDN, and where Orange were unwilling to do anything about improving the situation. Wiimax is unavailable where we live, although it is literally used to serve a fairly significant area the other side of the hill. The only option left was satellite internet, and rather unsurprisingly, the only provider serving this area including telephony in its offering was Nordnet. As yet, we are still waiting for the installation, so I will be interested to see what we actually get out of this service.

I would disagree with Alison about it being expensive - we bought the dish and electronics equipment for 149 Euros, there is a special offer on at the moment, instead of renting it, and the monthy cost including French landline phone calling is 39.90 Euros for 15Gb monthly data cap, which should be OK for domestic use. If you want to be able to ring mobile numbers in France, USA and Canada and in the usual 50 country landline offer, then it will cost another 14 Euros on top per month.

Living in the Auvergne allows for many people forced to install satellite internet to obtain a grant which basically covers the cost of the equipment (up to 400 Euros). However, if you request a grant, then you must leave the equipment in place in the house, even if you move house at a later date. It is a "per residence" grant.

As for contention issues, we will find out soon enough.

If you are running a business from home, you will have to see if you can get a suitable satellite pro offer, and yes, this will likely be significantly more expensive, approx 100 Euros/month for a decent data volume, although in my previous village where we had DSL, I was already paying that to Orange for a dedicated line with guaranteed re-establishment in case of a technical incident, so if I were to install an office in my new home, it is something that the business could cover. As it is, I'm moving my business to a nearby town where fibre channel internet is available so the question no longer really arises.

Whereabouts in the Allier are you? We are very close to Tronget (03240) so ideal for all the towns. We used a French company from Moulins to install our satellite dish but there are quite a few companies that do this in Montlucon as well.

Rgds, Mike L

I see you’re in the Allier. Are you aware that wifimax is taking off in this dept and, if you can get it, will be much much cheaper and perhaps more powerful than satellite for internet and phone? Prices are compatible with landline prices. The 2 suppliers are ozone and nordnet (nordnet belong to orange and seem to be just as bad). Having a satelite fitted for internet will be expensive and the service is very expensive. Again, main supplliers of internet by satellite are nordnet. Also, be aware satellite capacity is about full so you will experience huge contention problems.