Satellite required in Genouille

Hi can anyone please recommend a good installer for a UK Freesat into my new home. I am moving in on December 18 and would like a satellite service implemented, just before the family arrive.

I can call and discuss the requirements, payments, timelines etc.

Thank you.

John, my apologies for the delay in responding, I did not see this response from you. My error.

I am moving to Genouille, 6 Km from Civray in Vienne. The post code is 86250.

Thank you for your recommendation.

As it appears there are several communes called Genouillé perhaps it would be a good idea if you were to specify exactly where you live. It might help to get a local recommendation.

Hi Thanks again, I will find someone locally.

I don't live near you so i cannot recomend one, but a local dish installer will be able to put a dish up for you and align it to your requirements.

It is very easy I use one with my humax when we go away in our camper van, it only takes about 5 mins. If you have a smart phone there is a dish align app for both apple and andriod.

Thanks Maurice, I have my Humax box which iI will be bringing, its the dish and the alignment of the dish that might be a challenge.

I have a HUMAX pvr on uk freesat.

I set it up myself the sattelite you need to direct your dish at is 28.2 degrees east of due south. elevation about 30 degrees up.