Satellite tuning in

The recent wind did something, I am not quite sure what. Both of our dishes moved, so no TV. I have realigned both. The motorised one is fine. However, the other fixed one has been realigned to 28.2 E and now I can pickup 200+ European and a few other channels, but not Freesat. I cannot get a signal, I cannot get it to recognise a London postcode, I cannot get anything. My children are protesting and I am fed up after hours up a ladder getting nowhere.

I have installed all of our equipment myself. I have no problem finding Astra D or F, both at 28.2 E anyway, my meter says I am doing things right, I am foxed. I quite honesty do not want to call in a professional for 10 minutes and an unnecessary bill unless I have no choice.

As they say: Help!!

Exactly! Especially when head is scratched for one and a half minutes of bulls**t and then it actually takes the remaining 30 seconds.

with you there Brian - we got fleeced 50 euro once for a 2 minute job!