Satellite tv problems

based in nimes, is there anyone else in Gard region of Languedoc having problems receiving bbc channels in the last few days. no wind, no big rain, and suddenly it is rubbish. no amount of jiggling the extra large satellite dish works. we have freesat box.

There are easily available connectors to convert the mac's sockets to HDMI

For instance, I have a 'Lightening' to HDMI connector for my iPad. There are similar connectors available for all Mac products.

Just plug in the little connector and then use a standard HDMI cable to bridge between TV and Mac connector. You will probably have to select a different 'input/socket' on your TV settings menu when you 'watch' from your computer.

hi duncan, i have a mac, what would i need? i can see the hdmi socket in the back of the tv, and i can connect on my laptop to film on? thank you

Hi Nicola,

It depends on your PC and TV

Many recent laptops have an HDMI socket, so you can connect this directly to the an HDMI socket on your TV (as you would a satellite box or VCR).

If you use an iPad, there is a simple connector which converts the iPad connector to HDMI

(HDMI connections take both sound and picture signals )

If your computer has no HDMI socket you may have to use the computers VGA output for the picture (thats where you can connect an external computer monitor screen) and a separate headphone or similar output for sound. Connections at the other end will vary depending on your TV. Modern flat screen TVS usually offer multiple possibilities in addition to HDMI eg. VGA, and phono plug inputs.

Might seem daunting, but it's almost certianly possible to connect easily, but best if you nab someone who knows a little about the dos and donts.....if you email me some pictures of the sockets on your laptop/PC and TV happy to try to suggest a simple solution.


hi james. thank you! although i have to admit not being very technical at was starting to go over my head. if i do the option with film on, via my pc connected to the tv, how do i connect to the tv? via what cable thing? au secours....

I use HMA VPN to access live and dowloadable UK content and UK Netflix etc. Our ADSL internet connection is good, and I use a Powerline network for a fast connection to the TV and to boost wireless around the house.

Given up on UK Satellite signal in vaucluse, as the dish I need will be bigger than the swimming pool.


Given the new satellite and narrowing of its footprint, you are lucky to be getting a signal at all and you will be affected by high cloud, changes in air density in the upper atmosphere and change of position in orbit of the satellite (apparently this can can vary by up to 2km) none of which will be apparent.

I can suggest some alternatives to consider.

You can use Filmon either on your PC or download the app onto a tablet which will give you UK TV via the Internet, with device connected by HDMI to TV. It is either free or you can pay for an HD service with recording possibilities. I have used the free service but find it freezes sometimes making a programme unwatchable.

You can also use Unlocator ( free one week trial ) to hide your location… not a VPN so you do not lose bandwidth. If you have UK iPlayer, ITV Player you can use these, but Channel 4 have recently done something with their service and not all programmes/catchup play.

You can also get Now TV (£10) which will work in France (with Unlocator) except C4.

You can Google any of the above to learn more including costs. You might also want to consider Netflix France which if you have Unlocator can access UK Netflix library or US library. (I do not have shares in Unlocator!)

Otherwise you are likely to be subject to the vagaries of atmospheric conditions.

Bonne chance.

Hi Nicola (it's me!), yes having the same problems in Uzes. We were wondering if there was a HD changeover going on perhaps? We find the local BBC channels are still working but yes very haphazard reception suddenly on many channels... :-(

Hi Andrew

I just typed in your website and it wasn't found? Also, are you the Andrew Crowe stated on the Moochie Media website?

My parents live in aix en provence they have no probs with the bbc channels.

Usually changing the lnb for an Octagon model does the trick even in the south. I live in Agen and have no problem what so ever.

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