Save money on the autoroute

This chap has developed a website which tells you how to save money on tolls. Essentially, you break your journey briefly by exiting and re-entering.

I haven’t tried it.

Here’s the video: Autoroute : dans les secrets des péages - YouTube

and here’s the website:

I’d be interested to know if that works. We did it accidentally recently because we’d got lower on petrol than we though we had, but I got the impression it was more expensive,not less. Must say I didn’t make a note though as we were just desperate to get to our destination!

Have driven to Calais and back twice this year to use up my frequent traveller tickets on Eurotunnel and paid no tolls. Guingamp to Caen N12 and A84. Then from Caen I think its mainly D675 to Rouen. Then A28 to Abbeville - no tolls. Then Abbeville to Boulogne D1001? I think. Nip to Auchan for refuelling then take A16 to Les Coquelles. It takes a bit longer but is a lovely relaxing drive - can’t wait to find an excuse to go again.

Well, I just tried an example on the A1 and it reckoned a journey which would be 10,5€ in one stint could be split into two payments for 9,1€ or three for 9€

I wonder how long that will last - I’d say the autoroute companies have missed a trick there.

Depending on the part of France… there are bits of Auto/Peage which are actually free… as there is no alternative quality route for that “bit”…
OH will sometimes zip along these Free bits and duck off before it becomes payable… he works out what is best for us re time/fuel consumption… road/drive quality.

but we choose NOT to pay… and not everyone will find this works for them…

on the other hand… there are very-short payable bits which can save a great deal of time… and are worth the 2euro for the pleasure…

I’ve been using it for about a year and it works for me. From 86 to Dieppe (about 400km) it reduces the tolls from 47€ to 25€ (3 detours) or 18€ (4 detours). It adds about 15 - 20 minutes to the journey time.


Those apps have been around for years. Most breaks are at places where it is, literally, off and back on.

Is there an app for this or do you need to calculate manually?

There’s a link to the website in the first post.

If I understood the subsequent explanation, the autoroute companies have a cap on the annual increase in tolls, so they increase prices at the busier péages (to maximise profits) and lower them at the less-used ones. If that makes sense.

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This is the same principle of splitting a single rail ticket into different sections.

This MSE news post explains the principle at its extremes. I wouldn’t have thought exiting the autoroute at each exit and rejoining would achieve maximum savings though! (and possibly defeats the point of taking them?

It doesn’t. The website linked in the thread works out an optimal plan by routing you through less used and thus cheaper tolls. On average, you need to leave and rejoin the autoroute about once every 100km. The savings range from 30% to 60% depending on the route.

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With the near constant road works on the A10, I dont bother with the Chatellerault to Tours section and its only a couple of minutes at Chabray to avoid the one there as well. Will take a look though.

30 - 60% is certainly to be checked out in these times of up and down £.

Though I always like avoiding autoroutes coz you get to see more of the country as one flits north - south and back (or now shortly west east)

Trade off between tolls and hotel costs I suppose - the restaurants should always be fun…

BTW, for anyone driving UK / France next few days

South west F petrol 1.56 euro 2 weeks ago

UK 1.65£ today

Take ferry on empty (don’t know calais prices though…)

also x-ref the thread on bringing over food - RICE - 2.85 to 3.50 euro kilo for basmati F, 8£ for 5 kilo UK (and for good stuff)

spices I would think are a no brainer too

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The Total stations were still cheaper than the supermarkets. The one on the A16 before Marquise was €1.42 for 95 octane

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I recently travelled through France . Italy and Greece a 7,800 km round trip, for Diesel it was around 1 . 74 Euros in all three countries

Was in the Uk last week.
Diesel £1.79
Totale France €1.51
Almost managed on a full tank of French Totale in Uk with just a splash and dash to get us down the M20 to eurotunnel and tanked up in France, well done Totale.


Thanks both - Brian, that’s the tool I’ve been looking for forever, and thanks for signposting the A16 station Corona - hopefully we’ll be going past it Wednesday or Thursday. The tool says its 1.535 at the mo - still better than the intermarche and carefour in calais

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