Savings in UK

I still have a small amount of savings in the United Kingdom, but I’m concerned, as following Brexit, The Guardian (I think it was) mentions. that it may become more difficult to transfer sums of money to the EU. Does anyone else have similar concerns?

Not at all. There are a number of financial products available - and will continue to be available - to convert funds from Sterling to Euro in spite of Brexit. In particular, Wise, Revolut &etc.
I take it you declared these savings accounts to the fisc with your French tax return on the form cerfa 3916…

Thank you, yes I have declared everything that’s necessary.

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I’m not particularly concerned. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if things cost a bit more…

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God bless Wise :slightly_smiling_face:

Just used Worldwide again last week, no problem at all and just 1 cent below the current exchange rate, and no charges. :slightly_smiling_face:

But maybe any problems have to do with banks. I take comfort that mine is/was Yorkshire, now Virgin Money but still Clydesdale and therefore Scottish and based in a wannabe EU nation. :slightly_smiling_face: