Says the World famous cheat


I don’t think that anyone really gives a flying fuck what that little fat druggy cheat says or thinks.


not a fan of footy but even i cannot stand him.

Colombia were very fortunate to not have a player sent off in the first half for violent behaviour. That my also scored their goal after they took a free kick a good ten yards further forward than they should have and they scuffed up the penalty spot.
The sad thing is when they actually played football it was a good game.
As for Maradona he is not going to be taken seriously by anyone outside Argentina and Colombia.

They not that my. Typing too fast.

All we did was beat a load of coke sniffing animals, they were a disgrace to sportsmanship.

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Perhaps some of their appalling behaviour was because they are still haunted by the fate of of Andres Escobar?

I didn’t watch the match live but I recorded it from TF1. Having read the very negative comments by a Scottish contributor on another forum I decided to watch it yesterday while it was raining. I was interested to see if I agreed with her opinion that the English players were the ones who had resorted to foul tactics and that the referee was biased favourably towards England. She claimed that her beliefs were echoed by the French commentators. As I saw it the Columbians followed a pretty cynical game plan where they were purposefully over physical and late in their tackles. Unsurprisingly one or two English players did react, more surprisingly perhaps Dele Alli, the player who that behaviour might have been targeting didn’t. The most surprising thing was the bias of the commentators, the referee was out of his depth but gave strange decisions against both sides at times but the commentary team might as well have been South American; their response to the Colombian equaliser was completely over the top and their excitement during any Colombian attack was excessive. I can understand the Scottish woman’s attitude as it’s often considered clever or trendy for the Scots to support the opposition when England are playing but the French commentators’ reaction was totally unexpected and, to my mind, very unprofessional. Perhaps they represent the feelings of the football supporting Frenchman in the street, perhaps not.
The one thing that the news reports hadn’t prepared me for was just how fatigued the England players were during the extra time, no doubt the late equaliser had been a psychological blow as well but I think that the fact that they got through the extra time then went on to win the penalty shootout in that state deserves credit. I also agree with those who wish that Columbia had played the more open, attacking football during the first 90 minutes as that could have produced a great game; if they had done that while the England players were lively it might have brought far more goals at both ends.,