Scaffolding in the Charente?

Hi all,

I'm nearly ready to begin the roof at my place and would be very interested to find out how any of you have overcome the "incredible" price of scaffolding in these 'ere parts.

Compared to the UK it appears to be very expensive and yet the health and safety considerations are practically non-existent here from what I have seen....

I would be very grateful for any info at all....I would even consider buying it and then selling it on....

Thanks in advance

My husband has been a builder for years and bought a job lot of scaffolding years ago in the UK which may not be up to UK standards now but is way above the quality of anything we have seen in us in France (if used at all!) so we bought what he needed for roofing out here. Unfortunately he has leant it to our french neighbour who is renovating a large house and it was frightening us to see him using planks and odd bits of supports as he climbed higher up the outside of building - "pas problem"! We will also need it again to reroof our house. It was the only answer.

I shudder sometimes......they may be up there 8 or 9 m with a forklift???? "ridicule"

As I said...perhaps I've been spoilt?

Thankfully they are starting to crack down down on roofers working without proper safety equipment around here. Having had someone die on whilst working on our barns, I shudder every time I see a chantier without scaffolding and/or harnesses. Company involved on our site was very lucky to get away without a financial penalty.

Working platform height of 4.3 or 14' in real money...and a total length of 30m including 2 corners.

IE: 14m x 2 and 8m.

Look forward to hearing your email is:

No understand on the picker,, and yes they are used widely there,,,

just let me know what height and width of area you need the scaffold, and stages etc and we can get these priced for you


Dan Glass2France

Thanks for the reply Dan,

A cherry picker although useful for many repairs would be no good for an entire re-roof. I know that is how they often operate out here. I guess I've been spoiled...but again, in the UK, the standard of work requires a full scaffold and I like to do a good job!!

I would be interested in what kind of prices you can source, for example, "quick-stage" scaffolding for?? I've done tube scaffolding myself before but I'm afraid I'm a little long in the tooth for that now.....;S

Hello, I have a cherry picker coming off hire soon (on a iveco van) was going down to our place in Limoges but we are delaying the roof down there for a while, can do a long term rental on it, or alternatively we can source scaffold in the UK and ship to France if you want to purchase outright.

thanks Dan Glass2France