Scam RSI demand?

Hi Everyone

I received today a letter appearing to be from the rsi. I say "appearing" as it is not the normal letterhead that I get with all my other rsi correspondence. It is a demand for 249€ for the 1st trimestre of 2012 for my business. It is labelled "cotisation 2012". I believe this to be a scam. I checked on the internet and it would seem that there are a number of letters originating from Paris all asking for this amount of money. Can I just ask if anyone else has got one and if my fears are founded??

You are welcome. I am an academic come international voluntary sector research consultant. I could not push or sell anything if it is not an issue from the 'human rights sector', but have tried it to make a few extra bob. My efforts proved that if something was worth €100 and I asked for 40, I might get 20 and be very out of pocket. Makes me mistrust those who can and do (what do they have I do not have?). It is also part of the whole ethos of my working world and effectively makes me defend others which sometimes comes across badly. So sure, perhaps I'll come for a look and say 'Hello' some time. As for top ups, not needed. With a Swiss mrs about the house, she comes from a country where they are expected to top up top ups and if there is as much as a blade of grass in our field not covered she'll find it and buy cover. I only exagerate mildly at that. So, what we have in common is that if I teach, do a conference or seminar I do much the same - say what a) some thing is and b) why it happens then move on to discussing what we do about it. The same but different - if you see my point - so best of luck to you with the work.

Thank you Brian very appreciated!
I do seminars all over France and even "A Place In The Sun Live" in the UK talking about the French system. I'm no good at anything else but this I know.
I explain the system and how it works and then we say goodbye.
If someone likes what they see and they ask me for a top up or full cover I won't say no!
But you will never hear me pushing a product online. You know what they say Brian, never trust an insurance salesman but also there is no such thing as bad publicity.
Come and see me at one of our (free) seminars, its my round.

OK, dealt with, yours arrived as I started mine... or thereabouts. Getting 'everybody' to act is always a major problem, but let us all share in telling whoever we can...

Tony and Andrew, yes, there are both. That is half of the problem. Tony, I am aware of the fact that I am blunt, take it in the best faith you can. It could have been somebody with a sales pitch under the swell, could it not? So, yes, as you put it in your response, fair enough. Andrew makes the correct point that there are both out there. That is where it is fazing people because nobody knows for sure when they get one or the other or the real thing. So, Tony, fine but now you also know if nobody had seen fit to tell you before and I am sure you will now have your eyes, ears and nose prepared and on the job as appropriate.

Andrew is right; here is the link to the RSI news article.

I believe on the document the word sirene is spelt like this sirenE. (Needs to be confirmed).
The back of the document has information regarding the publicity making it difficult for the authorities to take action.

This is what you can do “dépose plainte à la gendarmerie” they probably won’t be able to help as it is publicity but with your “plainte” you can get in touch with the DGCCRF (concurrence et repression des fraudes). Perhaps if everyone does something they can put a stop to this scam.

Tony, right about the dubious directory - not really a scam but not very "correct" either. BUT see my earlier post - there is a full on scam going on at the moment too ;-)

Thank you Brian for your comment.
Even insurance salesmen have hearts and that hurt!
I'm sorry, I am new to this sort of website and perhaps my text is too "politically correct".

If you prefer, you are totally correct it is a scam and they all should be shot for taking advantage of people. It feels better but doesn't give us any answers.
We have the same opinion but visible say it in different ways.
I am well aware of the situation as we work hand in glove with CPAM and RSI.
There is a world of difference in illegal and immoral.
I sell Top-Up and Full Cover, anything else I do is totally free of charge, I was only trying to help.

Yes there was a definite scam out there - featured on TF1 a few weeks back and it wasn't the said RSI trying to sell a legitimate business idea, it was full on fraud where letters were sent out trying to falsly claim money making people think it was the RSI. Plenty of French people were featured by Jean-Piere Pernaud who had fallen victim. we're talking about two different things here: a full on scam and a dubious business directory. Nevertheless - faites gaffe !

Tony, a scam is a scam and I suspect that more than a few of the people responding or commenting here read and understand French perfectly well. My wife and I do and we spoke to RSI who have had many complaints, and contrary to your version, said it is a scam and an illegal operation trying to obtain money by deceipt. If they say that then I will have that. If you are a broker then perhaps you have a vested interest in said company or are sympathetic to the kind of approach these people are using. But do NOT, please do not make it look like something benevolent when it most clearly is not. People using SFN (not SFV) are not idiots. Have a nice day nonetheless.

Good morning

I am an independent insurance broker and some of our clients have had the same letter.

Unfortunately, this scam is wrong but legal(ish). The umbrella regrouping your different “regime obligatoir’s”, RSI (Régime Social des Indépendants) has nothing to do with company RSI (Répertoire des Sociétés et Indépendants). This company is offering a service that apparently can somehow promote you company listing. This company clearly states that it is a “société de droit privé à but lucratif“ and in small print “offre facultative ... à but publicitaire”, offer with no obligation for publicity use. Never hesitate contacting someone that can read the French document for you that has some legal knowledge. This scam catches out many French and it’s in their mother tongue so the chances of getting caught in a foreign language are enormous.

If you are still unsure and you would like me to take a look send it to me by email or on our website mentioning that you are from the SFV.

Hi Karen I received exactly the same letter asking for 249€ for the 1st trimestre of 2012 for my business. I also noticed that they do not have the same logo as the "real" letterhead and it was posted from Paris. Also there is a lot of small print at the back of this letter and in the last sentence there is a Cyprus address! It says " Adresse du siege social: RSI France.....etc etc Limassol, Cyprus. I was really shocked about all this. I scanned this letter and the back and mailed it to la Chambre de Metiers here in the Dordogne. It looks like they do not want to discuss this online and I have to go and see them about it. I suppose they want to see the original. There is already so much red tape and this really is the cherry on the cake!

Yes we have had two at least, you have to read them quite carefully to realise they are not official, but then I never pay taxes willingly so I always check it out!

That's right and that is what I remembered and why OH instantly phoned. I think they are having a lot of similar enquiries from what I heard back about the response and were not at all interested in having either of ours copied to them but said that they had logged our full details in regard to the matter. People, just do the same.

Hi Karen, I posted a warning about this a few weeks ago after seeing a report on TF1 - yes there's a company/person sending out demands left, right and centre - sounds like this is one of them. Contact your RSI and send them the letter or a copy of it. ;-)

A friend of mine received a letter last week demanding over 82,000 for cotisations. She has been registered as AE for the last 2 years and has paid all contributions up to date !!

Exactly the same demand and probably amount x2, so my wife phoned them because we are separately auto-entrepreneurs of course but at one address, so two bills for the same on the same day? RSI said tear it up!

Just adding this - we were both asked for €329 - just asked... Amanda the word in English to use is 'scam'!