Scarlett, super brave cat

Perhaps you already know the story of the famous cat, Scarlet who saved her kittens from a blazing building in New York in 1996?

Well, we judged our Scarlet to be just as brave!

Our Scarlet had been seen by volunteers who feed street cats in the middle of a large town, over a year ago. She was always hungry and looking for attention. On making enquiries, her owners were found, but were not willing to give Scarlet up, nor care for her properly. It is heart-breaking in these situations as our hands are tied, we legally cannot intervene but to watch any animal suffer is unacceptable. Scarlet then disappeared for 3 weeks, returning in a very bad state of health, so enough was enough! Further investigations found that her ‘owners’ had moved away, leaving her to her own devises. Poor Scarlet had to be placed on a drip as she was so dehydrated. She has breathing problems and was generally suffering badly. Over several weeks of constant care, good food, warmth and love, she has recovered, is neutered and ready for adoption.

PS She is super cuddly and quite adorable too!!

Scarlet née 01.01.2011 femelle isabelle numéro d'identification 250268710109805

Thanks Valerie,

Scarlett is at Chats du Quercy Rescue and Rehoming Centre in the Tarn et Garonne - 82

more details on or call us on 05 63 94 73 97

Scarlett is just super, a very, very friendly puss-cat. She has such a gorgeous colouring too, very deep and bold.

Oh beautiful - she looks just like our Andie (who moved out voluntarily but we miss her). What Dept. is she in?