School Holidays - Update 2018-2019

I’m hopeless with dates and, if it is not written in my diary my life can get very confused…

Anyway… this site is so clear… even I can’t get it wrong… (tempting fate perhaps…)

(apologies if you’ve already seen it… but I hadn’t and almost clashed ~Dance Classes with February Hols… ooops) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

we get a calendar from our zone with it on every year which we attach to the fridge

Thanks though Stella know it will help a few folks

Yes, Harry… schools are very helpful… but for those without kids this is often a bit of a blur… and for organizing activities it is best to know what dates should be avoided.

One lady was telling me… but, that day will be a holiday… and I’m looking at the Bank Holidays and saying … oh, no it won’t… (silly me) :roll_eyes:

Thanks Stella

For those of us without kids it’s important… Forgot about all those May days and extra long weekends etc; one year and ended up in a mobile home surrounded by screaming kids (luckily we were out all day) but the evenings were so noisy, never again ! :roll_eyes:

Find out what travel dates to avoid… etc… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

latest update:

Two weeks of calm ahead… and already I’m missing the laughter and squeals that usually echo down the road from our little school… :roll_eyes::thinking:

I’ve got a bag of sweeties and shall bake a cake… for when the little darlings come knocking and howling… :ghost::ghost:

My friends daughter, English, is teaching in a convent school and apart from the six to eight year olds she is horrified at the appalling behaviour of her pupils.
She did not know how to deal with them, but hearing the other teachers shouting has made her less worried about asserting herself.