School Photos

Hello everyone,

It's the time of year again when the school photos are out in the UK and now more than ever there is such a choice to choose from, mouse mats, mugs, calenders etc...I was clearing out some docs and came across my children's school photos in France, from 2010 that made me chuckle and wonder... is this the norm in France re: school photos ?

Let's compare: the more recent UK photos are charming, with children who have their hands carefully placed and great, big, smiles on their faces, whereas the photos from France, show a bunch of higgledy-piggledy children, looking very serious and without any sign of a smile- even the teacher looked grim. I wondered if anyone else had similar experiences in France? Thinking about photos, I even remember our wedding photos in France, where the photographer took pictures of us with pigeon poo on the adjacent table and thought that was perfectly ok LOL.

Thanks for any feedback in advance.

We had very nice ones in maternelle and primaire- the class photo with individual photo in three sizes - large, medium and passport size and photos of siblings in the same school together. For collège is is just a group photo and for lycée it is a themed group photo, which the pupils decide, eg rock. When I was at school in the UK, we had a 'whole school' photo so we all were tiny dots amongst hundreds which wasn't very interesting.

No, I don't. She works at the CIV?

Ah, thanks. Yes the girl is English. Sorry, I should have said. She is struggling with her French. Been here since she was 6 ( with her parents ;-) but still finds she translates questions in French into English and then forms answer in french, hence she seems, well is, slow.

Small world...just been emailing Karen Armstrong who works in Sophia. You know her?

Sorry Helen, Actually, I work with ASEICA at the CIV in Sophia Antipolis. Will she have to take a test to get in? At least that's what we do. Is she anglofone? If not, I would speak as much in English as possible. I would watch movies and tv in English to help with the accent, read as much in English as possible (out loud too) to build up on the vocabulary/ help with accent. Writing too is something that they will look at. She should practice grammar exercises and write essays that English speaking people could look over for comprehension, clarity, expression...Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. I have a friend who works at the ISN...

Hi Holly. The ISN ? I live in Tourrettes-sur-Loup and don't have children but a friend has a teenage daughter who is desperate to go there. She has been to look round and loves it. Maybe this is 'outside the rules' but do you have any tips that might help her get accepted for September?



ours are great too and I second the idea on regimented photos ;-)

School photos for us are quite good. I teach at an International school and am one of two coordinators for our section’s school yearbook (primary through terminale) and although I had absolutely nothing to do with which photographer was chosen–one who takes photos of each student in ALL 5 sections for the school’s trombinoscope-- while putting the yearbook together, I’ve noticed that the pictures are all quite good, like what you would find in the states. For the yearbook, only the Terminale students are allowed to pick whichever photo they would like to use (ie. professional photography, a photo a friend shot, etc.).

Our kids ones are great: they take them in September-October, when the kids look rested and have a tan, they are all looking smiley and happy, then they do a portrait of each child(with siblings), and it happens to be the most gorgeous portrait(colour and black and white!). I guess we are the exception!! :slight_smile:

Our school photos are great (primaire), very natural whereas my nieces and nephews in Canada look like they should be in a high school yearbook which I think is a bit much when you are only 7 years old.

Our kids French school photos have been so awful they are funny. Never seen such colour and framing - looks like I did it! It really is a throwback to the 70's ( and that is probably unfair to the 70's)

It beats me how the photographers are still in business.

Our girls' ones have always been fine, plus judo club and other things they are part of. The local photographer who does all these things is a bit of a perfectionist but also child friendly, talking to the shy ones or wiping the tears of those who get frightened and cry. I guess it is down to the photographer! Indeed, the local man has a sample wedding photograph he shows all the women, in which nearly all men including the groom are in jeans and trainers whereas the women are dressed to the nines. That way he gets them to bully the men into smartening up - to the point that in one set I am one of only two of us in jeans ;-)