School Re-union:

School Re-union:

No, dont ask how long ago (yes, apart from some cave paintings, I am the oldest thing in Australia and have submitted my Unesco heritage listing proposal) but my high school class is having a re-union in Aus soon. I cant make it but wondered if anyone had recommendations of an Internet tool/program that could be used to record and share things like classmate's family details, photos, whats happened in last x years, where do you live now etc etc, updateable by each person but readable by all and kept live past the re-union.

My perfect world would be something like SFN but the solution needs to be cheap (ie free) and not require the huge amount of time Catharine and James put in maintaining this wonderful site



Dear Steve,

I would suggest the "F" word - Facebook. You will find those who hate it, but you can create a private group which will handle all the things you mention; it's easy and it works. There's a help file for starting and running your group here.



I know, they get longer and tougher as years fly past...

Its been a long day so forgive my previousuly acknowledged thickness but thats what I thought I had done

There is a computer corner group, join and ask on there and I am sure you will get a response toute suite.

Brian , I probably need more details as problem is:

  1. Internet works here on Tuesdays with an X in them,
  2. electricity on the alternate Wednesdays with a Z in them,
  3. there is not a single English bookshop in the country to be able to get any manuals/hints
  4. I'm thick


I went to one in London two years ago. The guy who set it up set up a webpage for us to stay in touch, although I've never used it but it would appear from what he said that it was easy.