School's out for summer - take care on the roads

Take care on the roads this weekend …

You can use the inter-active map to see where the hold-ups are. (and likely to be)

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Oh dear - My cheery bonnes-vacances greeting was met with mixed emotions.

Some were delighted to show me their end of year gifts (provided by a local shop) and a few presented me with carefully crafted pictures (of heaven knows what) which I promised to stick on my fridge.

Suddenly my hand was grabbed by one small girl and she dragged me over to the veggie plot where I found two other girls in floods of tears. My first thought was that someone was hurt, but no.

The kids had been told who would and who would not be returning in September. Many children would be moving up a level and going to the next school.

These two reckoned they would NEVER, EVER see each other again.

Phew, it was boiling hot and I really didn’t need this, but I did my best. I tried to explain that good friends will meet again. (no, I didn’t quite burst into Vera Lynn).

It was a lovely session, despite the tears, which seemed to be contagious. We had everyone smiling in the end. (ice-cream has an amazing effect)

As the bus pulled away the kids all waved at us and we all waved back .

Will we meet again ? - who knows.

I like to think those kids have some happy memories of life in a small village school and will, indeed, be able to keep contact with special friends.

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