Sci-fi fans, have you read any books by the most prolific author of sci-fi?

I see there’s a bit of a sci-fi vibe going at the moment so…Do the names Karl Ziegfried, Bron Fane, John E.Muller, Leo Brett or Pel Torro mean anything to you? What about The Rev Lionel Fanthorpe? Well, they’re all one and the same, the good reverend having written so many books that he’s not sure just how many titles there are to his name. He did his writing under a rug and in his heyday produced a book every 12 days! There was a fascinating programme about him on Radio 4 called The Priest, the Badger and the Little Green Men click the link to listen.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Just finished listening, great stuff. Thanks Wendy

Cheers Wendy,

From my own information, it is one and the same…

listening to your link now…


One and the same presumably. Welcome to Bookworms Bob!


Do you mean Robert Lionel Fanthorpe? Born in 1935 and in his writing hayday wrote over 200 books? I have a couple of Pel Torro books myself. He was at one point the worlds most prolific writer!

Thanks for the link, I shall have a listen…