When we bought our second house in France 13 years ago we were advised to buy with an SCI. We have a very complicated family situation and could see trouble in the future and this was a way of safeguarding the property when the inevitable happens to one of us. However, we haven’t done any of the paperwork we should have done I,e, have meetings, keep minutes etc and am beginning to panic a bit, the notary says dont worry but I do and someone in this forum must have bought the same way. The sci is only my husband and myself, Any information or help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I wanted to start one with my sister so I looked a few things up, I think that if you don't stick to official accounting reports and annual meetings, you won't be able to claim tax reductions. I don't think it would invalidate the SCI however, especially if you are alone with your spouse in it.