Scrapping a car here in France

Our old car has finally given up the ghost & has got to the point where it will cost us more to repair it than to scrap it.

Can anyone tell me how we go about this over here?

I've heard it isn't as simple as just taking it to the nearest scrapyard, and that it has to be insured even while it's sat on the drive collecting leaves.

It's a UK right hand drive Vauxhall Vectra registered on French plates.


For reference, they are still insured as you can only cancel your insurance policy if you have proof you are no longer the owner of the car. However, there is a specific policy for cars that are no longer roadworthy but you have to press your insurer for this as they are very reluctant to tell you (or ours was) - I'm really sorry but I can't remember what it was called. Will post it when I have the light bulb moment!

Thanks Dave,

Hopefully i've found someone who want to buy it & repair it to use, which would be nice, but if not then i'll need the form. Thanks again.

They probably have the form but you can download it here

so when you go with the car you already have the info you need.

Thanks Dave, very similar, all it really needs is a new starter motor and it'll probably be fine, bit chlly in the winter as the heater doesn't work but it passed it's CT in August no prob. Just have to accept that they don't last forever & eventually start costing more than they're worth.

So am i right in assuming that the auto casse has the form i need?

There is a form to fill in. Take it to your nearest auto casse and they will do the rest and pay you a bit for the scrap value. Mine earned €80 for a running Peugeot 406 RHD on French plates. I didn't really want to scrap it but I couldn't afford the parts to repair it because I was broke at the time. No legal way around the insurance problem. I tried, but in the end had to scrap it or keep paying the insurance while the car was off the road.

I've seen half of a mini painted up & and a BBQ under the bonnet.

Colin, i'm sure they aren't!!

Any helpful comments out there guys :-)

On a more serious note, I can't believe that all the old cars /vans I see in Fr peoples drives/property, all going to rust, that they are still insured.

On a Grand Design prog I think someone did do that to a Mini, turned it into an office desk !!

Roger, are you being facetious !! ;-)

James could probably show you how to turn it into a table. :-)

Hi! I hope may be you know how I can decide my problem: a year ago I bought a car in Estonia Tallin and I went in it to Nice, France. I had to leave the car there when I was leaving Europe. The car and the documents on it are in Nice now. The car has Estonian number. Do you know if it is possible to destroy the car in Nice and how much it might cost? And is it possible to do it without my presence?

I’d be happy to hear any answer)
Have a good day!