Sealant for Travertine Tiles?

Any suggestions please. We’ve installed half width travertine tiles as a “skirting board” round the bottom of the wall of our pool house. They look super. However, I need to be able to karcher the pool terrace which will wash water / dirt against these tiles. So I really need to seal them. I’d be grateful for suggestions for what I should be buying. Thanks.

I have used the product below to good effect, it was long lasting as well.

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I’ve never heard of them being sealed. We’ve a ton of them and nobody ever mentioned sealing. I have a couple of stains though. Two rust ones and an an unidentified splodge. I’m going to investigate treating them, eventually :roll_eyes:

It’s the “intensify the original colour” that would worry me Colin.

I only used it on the lightest travertine tiles and slate so I don’t know about other colours, it made the tiles “pop” if you see what I mean, we liked the wetter look.

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Agreed John. I like them the colour they are now and it’s a colour that blends well with the pool terrace tiles. But also I don’t want to find that they are staining from getting damp all the time.

I’ve payagist doing a bit of work for us at the moment. ahis visits are a bit erratic (“normalement demain” style) but when he next pitches up ai’ll ask his advice (and show him my stains :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) and I’ll let you know his views.

I remember thirty years ago we put down terracotta floor tiles and all my research indicated sealing them was difficult if not impossible, but some clown convinced my wife to buy a bucket of something to seal them with. In the interests of domestic harmony I applied the stuff but the first kitchen spill proved it didn’t work. We drew a discreet veil over that. Probably today with superior products it’s possible but in 1988 it wasn’t.

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We used this…

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I’ve a few spare tiles lying around. I might get some of that and give 'em an experimental squirt.

Looks like good stuff…

“235 LANKOPROTEC est destiné à la protection des terrasses, plages de piscines, abords de barbecues, garages, parking, sous-sols, façades, zones piétonnes pavées, toitures, sols de stations services…”

There’s also "238 LANKO RESIST HYDRO est destiné à l’imperméabilisation des façades ou autres surfaces verticales, mais aussi à la protection des terrasses, plages de piscines, ou tuiles de toitures.
Protection des murs et sols de type Bétons, bétons désactivés, Mortiers, enduits de façade hydrauliques, Grès, Briques, tuiles, carreaux de terre cuite, Pierres naturelles et synthétiques, pierres
reconstituées (un test préalable estindispensable), Dalles, pavés,Joints de pierres, de briques, de carrelages

I wonder what the difference is?

The ‘RESIST HYDRO’ will protect from grease and most if not all things that would normally stain. It can also be submerged in water !. I used this on my travertine tiles in a large open chimney breast with a range cooker in it. Nothing would stain it. It laughed at curry, grease, turmeric etc. Everything just wiped off without any stains.

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Did it change the colour or the texture Ray? BTW, you were lucky to find a decent curry here. Last one I had was in Angouléme.

Perhaps he made his own???

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I did but that highly recommend book “the Curry Guy” but it all seemed very complicated. I’d just prefer to order a takeaway from a Delta restaurant.

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Find the MSDS to see what you are actually buying, might be SBR thinned.

Spot on @SuePJ . I make my own. I have two of ‘the Curry guy’ books. I used to buy my spices from the UK, but now buy them from an online store based in Toulouse. I actually prefer the ‘authentic’ Indian curry’s in his books, rather than the BIR curry’s.
@John_Scully , yes it did change the colour of the travertine. It darkened the colour somewhat, but I took that into account when I originally bought the tiles. I had a mixture of four different colours in 10x10cm tiles.

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I’ll buy the Curry Guy’s base sauce from you Ray :slightly_smiling_face:

Goodness John, you’ve lost me there. Have you an idiots guide to sealing that I can take on board? :thinking:

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Is that good as a sealant?

No. It’ll definitely change the colour of the tiles though if you try

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From the little I can find from a UK search its à base de silanes et siloxanes or anti graffiti paint to those of us who have used similar. As with all finishes test on a small part out of the way.
I have use another product to seal and also protect from green algae on steps of walling but dont have the details handy, look it up later.