Sean Connery - RIP

RIP Sean.

To me, he will always be THE James Bond.

…and he’s pretty good in this clip as well:

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I had such a crush on Sean Connery. Predated his playing James Bond. I first saw him on TV in a Shakespeare production “An Age of Kings” in 1960-ish. He played Hotspur to Robert Hardy’s Prince Hal. They were young, slim and very beautiful. Lost my heart to Sean - he’s had a bit of it ever since. RIP Sean.

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Watched a super programme about him on BBC2 last night “Sean Connery: In his own Words”

If you can get BBC iplayer, worth watching as it goes right through his career - naff stuff as well as good.

Lovely to hear his wonderful rich deep voice - and his friends in the acting world are amused by the fact that he never adopted an accent - whatever the character, they were Scottish - including the Russian Submarine captain in The Hunt for Red October. But then with a voice like that why would you choose to hide it behind a pseudo accent. :smile:

One of my favourites from his late career - Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade - I can still hear his voice in my head - “The penitent man will pass”


Without disrespecting the great man (De mortuis nil nisi bonum etc) I’ve seen clips of Bond in Casino Royale announcing himself to some spellbound floozy across the poker table with a cigarette stuck between his sensuous lips… “The name’s Bond” …(or could be Pond, Mond… :thinking: to à lip-reader).

What a pitiful nicotine-dependent plonker he looks/looked… :thinking::confused::scream::laughing:

It was a character of his time


It certainly was, Eddie [edited] . But you might agree it looks preposterous now, even to those of us that probably smoked at the time (like me) and thought it looked very suave and sexy ! But now… :scream:? It just looks… pathetic IMO.

Yes but it was a character he was playing ,everything looks dated from the sixties now
And it’s Eddie ie not y


Actors… play parts/characters… and will be guided by the Director/Producer/Writer et al … they do the work and move on… and more than a few (so it seems) refuse to look at themselves in old movies etc because they do not like what they see…

On the other hand… there are possibly many of us… who squirm on seeing ourselves in an old photo… clothes/hairstyle/mannerism/whatever… for which we can blame no-one but ourselves… :rofl: :rofl:


For me, Sean Connery continued to be sexy into his old age. Unlike some of his contemporaries. Not least because he never tried to be anything other than he was, wrinkles and all. And he knew when to stop.

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